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UntappedAbility™ is an innovative job matching service. The company was founded on the premise that former “stay-at-home” moms have much to offer the business world. We believe mothers have an edge – they are the ultimate multi-taskers. Employers will gain talented, capable and hard-working employees. Mothers can help provide for their families without sacrificing their commitment to family. Our focus is to assist mothers in their return to the workforce on a schedule that fits into their lives. Many of our clients are also ready to reconnect with the business world on a full time basis. All of our pre-screened job seekers will be employees of distinction. We offer unique, personalized and quality customer support to both employees and employers. If you are interested in joining our workforce, please click on the Information "FOR JOB SEEKERS" menu. If you are an employer looking to fill a position, please click on the "FOR EMPLOYERS" menu.
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