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Owner of Mallory Musante Shoes
Owner of Mallory Musante Shoes, an innovative company that hand paints women's leather shoes to create wearable pieces of art.
Cat lover
Born and raised in the deep south,Sakinah is a 32 year old aspiring author who has always expressed a passion for story telling. T…
Founder of Women on the Verge, CEO of Co-Op Web, Inc.
Ana Lewis, Founder of and CEO of award-winning Co-Op Web, Inc. Is a wife, mom, business owner and Latina who l…
I'm an Education Social Reform Advocate and Latin American Enthusiast. Fascinated with development, on a mission for change.
I'm an idealist young professional on a mission to make the world a better place. I live with chronic illness and don't let that s…
Digital Kadi
Social Media Maven, mom of 7, owner of, future TV show host. INDISPENSABLE
Thoughts in the Space Between the Lines
The balance of writing and other creative drives often counterbalance and are juxtaposed in the core of the self momentum in the m…
Laura Levites is a professional comedian, who also happens to be a Ginger with a tude.
Living Life in Colour
I want to add colour to my life, to live life with adventure, excitement and grace. I want to try new things. I want to make new f…
GattoTull - Gatto on the Verge
I'm a male cat interested in feminism! MIAU!!!
Author of the novel The Bird Sisters, momma, baker, runner, wife, laundress, bird watcher, well...a lot of things, I guess.
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