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Just Do You
Sometimes we are motivated to do things we don't want to or feel we must because of the influence and pressure of others. Life is …
Writer, Editor, Speaker, Cat Lover, Beauty Consultant
Lynn has been fervently reading and writing since she was a child, but it was only upon leaving the safety of the corporate world …
In transition...
I'm a woman in flux.  Stay tuned.
traci's mixed bag
traci's mixed bag is a place where inspired by my life, pop culture, my family, my town and amazing bloggers, I express the miscel…
in search of....
Mostly retired marketing consultant and community volunteer who loves to learn
Business Coach in South Florida
I'm a business coach in South Florida, offering assessments, coaching, training, and other profit-boosting services. I bring to th…
I am an east coast transplant living in SoCal with my husband Jimmy and two of our three kids.
The Fine Art of Soul to Soil
Replaced my corporate high heels with Wellies and never looked back! I love getting down and dirty!
They say everyone has a story..
My first book "Bristol boyz Stomp" is available now. It is the true story of the random road rage murder of my brother. Sophie wil…
Centered Self Worldwide
Asia Sharif Clark is the creator of "Raise the JOY of 50,000 Women In 50 Days," and founder of Centered Self Worldwide. In 90 days…
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