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Leadership coach
My expertise is in working with today's high-achieving women--how to find contentment and direction in their wildly busy lives.
The personal is always political
I am an activist and academic, blogging on women's rights, politics, and constitutional law.
Waiting for my ship to come in.
I have many different skills, in many different areas. Unfortunately, none of them quite match up enough to be employable, it see…
Beth Landau
Writer, reader, editor, teacher, Goucher gopher... explorer of possibilities. Beth Landau is a writer, reader, editor and former E…
Helping People Get Rich While Losing Weight
I am married to an amazing man 15 years my junior. I have 6 beatiful children and one spectacular granddaughter. I am a distributo…
Nasara (aka Tofloko) is married with three boys, Beachbody Coach, P.E. Teacher, TKB instructor, Organize free monthly health event…
Writer Pushing It Forward
I'm a writer who wants to make a difference in the world through her words, actions, and vision.
Supporting the Journey from Self Sacrifice to Self Development
Providing spiritual direction to those who want to move from self sacrifice to self development.¬† Available in person one-on-one, …
Love Australian plants, love life
I am a landscape architect, I love Australian plants and the Australian¬† bush, I design sustainable gardens and select gardens for…
The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively
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