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Eco-consultant, sustainability practitioner
Currently under training, learning a whole lot. Watch this space!
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Art-tart, yoga girl, animal lover, raw vegan enthusiast, beauty blogger, muse, graphic design superstar!
In the sleep of death; what dreams may come?
I live in California with my long-term boyfriend.I enjoy New Age Spiritualism, Reading, writing, loom-knitting,crafts, cooking, an…
Everything is energy; form is just the container
Soul Spelunker. I write to support authentic change. Author, Speaker, Psychologist, economist, mom, wife and CEO. What you do ca…
Hopelessly undomestic. World-hopping author/columnist. Hispanic Communications Consultant. The Universe's 1st and only GEEK GODDES…
Inspiring Spirited Women to Get Unstuck
I used to be a stressed, over worked scientist working in corporate America. Although I 'seemed' successful, I felt like something…
Atypical Georgia Girl
I'm a mom and writer from Atlanta.
Searching for a new direction
I've always been curious and will be forever. I ask too many questions and I'm super meticulous. I'm also funny, loving and giving…
Publisher in Florida
HERLIFE Magazine is a window into the life of today's woman: what she is, what she thinks of herself and the world, what she wants…
hello. I came across this site while twittering. social networking on the move. I'm a freelance writer, webmaster and dabble in …
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