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The theme for my coaching this week was: Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Yet you might not know you chose a path of greatness over enjoyment until you are in pain or numbed out by meaningless stress. The topic first emerged when I woke up Tu
WanderWoman · 2914 days ago

When I'm lacking motivation, those words inspire me. No matter what I think of Jay-Z this quote has helped me finish a half marathon, finish a grueling session at the gym or just get off the couch to clean the bathroom. There is something very appealing
melissa_nichole · 2914 days ago

Friday, January 1, 2010 Blind Self Portraits & Other Fun Drawing Exercises This is a liberating creative exercise that allows you to escape the confines of the expected and move beyond judgment. Judgment stifles creative energy; allowing yourself
blackdogworld · 2917 days ago

As I finished writing my last post,many more thoughts came to me and I just had to keep on writing.Of course,there is so much I could say,I could go on for hours! In my mind,there is no "fit-all" answer to education.I'm not anti-school in principle,it's j
Elle · 2917 days ago

Mizani professional products are wonderful tools to help keep your hair healthy when using a hot tools or having your hair chemically relaxed. 2 best kept secrets for enhancing shine, protecting against heat and strengthening hair:Take one pump of eac
Megan · 2917 days ago

  Social networking sites: Do they have a social and legal responsibility to monitor what appears on their sites?   The debate now raging on Twitter all started a few weeks ago with someone tweeting about a group on Facebook called ‘H
Ebby · 2918 days ago

Sometimes it's easier to not acknowledge hard issues. A few years ago when I first moved away from home my grandfather became very ill. I was frustrated because I had a hard time finding out details of the illness from my mom. That was until he was in
melissa_nichole · 2918 days ago

Truthfully I had mixed feelings about sending my first-born to school.One,it was hard to contemplate being parted from her at such a young age but also I was unhappy with a limited curriculum which focuses mostly on numeracy and litteracy,leaving little ro
Elle · 2918 days ago

Recently a dear friend of mine posed the question, if you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?  This simple question got me thinking of all of the super powers I would love to have. Think of these amazing powers: - Everywhere I wo
AnaLewis · 2919 days ago

Gadabout SalonSpas has selected Youth on Their Own, a Tucson based non-profit organization, to benefit from the Tucson tradition of Rodeo. For the three days that Tucson celebrates the Rodeo, and students are given a vacation from school, our staff is
Megan · 2919 days ago

We smart, strong women are convinced that if we choose to argue a point, we are right. Right? Always being right not only hurts your relationships, but it is also a heavy responsibility to bear. You have to work harder to discount other people's ideas tha
WanderWoman · 2919 days ago

  I've wanted to write this post for a very long time but was unsure I could do it justice. After researching what others have posted about buying handmade I decided to write this answering different types of consumers' needs. Consumer Reports (http
blackdogworld · 2919 days ago

In his classic poem Desiderata, Max Ehrmann urged us to "avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit." But what if you can't avoid them? What if they happen to be your own teenagers? Or your aging parents? Or your best customers? Or
DrDeb · 2919 days ago

Elisabeth Badinter is a lecturer in philosophy in Paris and the author of several controversial books.She is also married to a politician and the major share-holder of Publicis,a multinational advertising company. She argues that "maternal instinct" is no
Elle · 2923 days ago

It is wonderful that everyone cares so much!  Here are the details that don’t fit in 140 characters: MOB-minding my own business. ‘To do list’: figuring out Face book Fan page. ( )How to request I be ‘f
Karen-Monroy · 2923 days ago

As a wife, mother and previous lover of anything Elizabeth Gilbert, I am sad to  say that I am having tremendous difficulty getting through Gilbert's latest bestseller, Committed. I too, was very scared to enter my marriage, especially after having s
AnaLewis · 2924 days ago

Up styles for hair has changed in the recent years.  Instead of going to the salon to get unique, one-night only look; partygoers are going for simple understated styles.  I have noticed this at parties and events I have attended recently. 
Megan · 2925 days ago

  Like many,I'm always so busy.I homeschool,I write,I'm passionate,meaning there's always something that drives me or compels to have a good rant(on paper). I have 2 gorgeous,lovely,bright children who constantly require my attention.We also ba
Elle · 2925 days ago

I am a paradox,full of contradictions. I'm not a comformist but I'm certainly not seeking to be a rebel either.I just don't do things or behave a certain way just because that is what is expected. I don't fit neatly into one category or any moulds. I te
Elle · 2926 days ago

I couldn't help reacting to this item I saw on the French news last night. "Garbage mountain",yes,a mountain of rubbish,piled high on a beach in Saida,Lebanon.This is where all the rubbish collected in the area is brought to everyday and incredibly there
Elle · 2932 days ago

    In Part one of Sex, Money and Relationships, (Part one can be read here: I laid the foundation of duality, and suggested the needs of the body hooked us, thereby tethering us to one side of the duality. I suggested l
Karen-Monroy · 2932 days ago
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