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Most of us choose to become mothers, as such we have a responsibility and duty to our children.After all, they certainly didn't have a choice and they depend on us for survival and love. This does not mean we have to suffer our children or be slaves to th
Elle · 1488 days ago

I was an avid writer in my high school years. I dreamed of becoming a writer, specificallly a poet.  As I was cleaning out some old files, I ran across some of my outpourings and thought I would share to change the mood of my daily blog outpourin
Heidi · 1489 days ago

  Changing your life is all about emotions-acting on them, giving in to them, being sabotaged by them, or being driven to success.   When you want to make a change in your life, you usually want to feel something different than what you are fe
WanderWoman · 1489 days ago

I'm talking to you right now.  Yes, you!  Look at me straight in the eyes so I'll know that you're listening and you'll understand everything that I have to say.    Listen carefully..   Who are you? Who do you think you are? &n
Bing · 1489 days ago

When you think of pauses, it's along the lines of pausing to catch your breath, pause a recording, pause to smell the roses, etc.   None of that applies to the word pause if it has meno in front of it.  The definition of menopause literally
Heidi · 1489 days ago

I practice Kundalini Yoga everyday at about 5ish - 7ish in the morning. Two of my favorite teachers are Ana Brett and Ravi Singh who are kind enough to supply us with some super valuable information and some of the best DVDs for practicing at home. Below
AnaLewis · 1490 days ago

Yesterday, I wanted to die.  I was speaking to a very good friend and somewhere in that conversation, I blurted out I'm tired, I just want to die and burst into tears.  For the last three weeks, the tears come with every sad note, word or image.&
Heidi · 1490 days ago

http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/article7070165.ece This is an article about E. Badinter, whom I wrote about in a previous post. Astonishing views,I'm still as outraged as the first time I heard her on the news! Following is the l
Elle · 1491 days ago

When someone you know gets a tattoo what do you ask them? If you are like a lot of people you'll ask "what does it mean?" TV shows have taught the general public that tattoos have great meaning or big stories associated with them. They representing big cha
melissa_nichole · 1492 days ago

The other day I was pondering on this.Most people use the expression "Thank God" on a regular basis.I don't believe in God but still use this expression.I don't really care because after all it's just a saying but I was wondering what else you could say an
Elle · 1493 days ago

Yesterday I had a discussion with my husband about an article I read regarding eating right for hypothyroidism, which is something I have dealt with for about ten years. The article titled, "Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?" , contains a list of goitrogens
AnaLewis · 1494 days ago

Why do they call them pet peeves, it sounds so correct & genteel.  Hell, we all have things that just piss us off.  So, here is what does it for me. People who stop at the top of the escalator, instead of moving away to let me get off with
Heidi · 1494 days ago

This is the truth, so it’s bound to piss you off, before it sets you free. This isn’t my truth. It is The Truth. I was told this Truth many years ago. I’ll bet you’ve been given this Truth at some point too. Only if you
Karen-Monroy · 1495 days ago

Eduardo Calasanz was a student in Ateneo Manila University, Philippines, where he had Fr. Ferriols as professor.  Fr. Ferriols, at that time, was the Philosophy Department Head.  Currently, he still teaches Philosophy for graduating college stude
Bing · 1495 days ago

Whether getting to know yourself is a work in progress, just started or not there yet, how many people know the real you?   When we were children, we simply blurted out anything that came to mind.   We didn't censor our thoughts or
Heidi · 1495 days ago

What has become a win-win situation between web design firms and businesses is being exercised in the latest redesign of the Acacia / Marketplace/ Tohono Chul Tea Room website(s). A situation of mutual respect for the design firm, Co-Op Web, the business,
AnaLewis · 1495 days ago

When you judge the quality of your sleep last night, you're comparing it to other nights. When you judge the heaviness of the morning's commute, you're comparing it to other commutes. When you judge your lunch, you're comparing it to other lunches. When yo
DrDeb · 1496 days ago

I just had a lovely phone conversation with West Coast Twitter connection Maia Berens. You might know her as @LifeCoachMaia. We connected accidentally, as people often do in the world of social media, and felt a certain kinship over the course of several m
laineyd7 · 1496 days ago

A friend shared the following quote with me and it touched me so much I felt compelled to write about it...   "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." - Albert Einstein &n
WanderWoman · 1496 days ago

I love being a mum, I have two beautiful children who brighten my life everyday.It's not always easy being a mum, there are ups and downs, but it's the most rewarding job I've ever done.No book can ever teach you how to be a good mum, some at best can give
Elle · 1496 days ago

Lately my blogs have wandered far too often into the darker recesses of my mind and I need to get back to the lighter side.  Although the 7 Deadly Sins may not be everyone's idea of light fare, it's open for interpretation. 1. Lust - to hav
Heidi · 1496 days ago
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