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I just finished reading a biography called Peace is Possible: The Life and Message of Prem Rawat. One of the interesting points made by Rawat (also known by his spiritual title Maharaji) is related to success. He pointed out that a CEO might feel powerful
DrDeb · 1475 days ago

Okay, I was all ready, on this Meatless Monday, to blog in defense of Dr. Sue Johanson, who in her show,Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, in a segment called Hard to Swallow , tells a caller to tell her husband to "give up meat" to help improve the taste of his
AnaLewis · 1476 days ago

Ready to shed your winter “skin” (parkas, gloves, mittens)? It’s the time of year to make sure your real skin springs to life with a healthy glow. And, best of all, prepping skin for spring doesn’t have to burn through your wallet.
Megan · 1476 days ago

http://elleonthego.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/happy-easter/   Happy easter everyone!
Elle · 1477 days ago

Did anyone watch the BBC documentary called 'The world's most dangerous place for women'? It's still available on BBC iplayer. It was a very moving and emotional documentary. But what intrigued me was the conflict over minerals, and this could in fact be a
Ebby · 1479 days ago

Purchase Sunless Tanner and Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Cellulite & Spider Vein Relief Scrub.By combining our invigorating coffee and almond scrub with our streak-free moisturizing tanner, you will achieve a deep, natural looking tan. Don't be fooled by dr
Megan · 1479 days ago

The Best Things on the Internet are Free -- April 2010 Edition: Academic Earth - Free online video courses from leading universities. - http://www.academicearth.org/ Internet Archive - This is really fun. See what different websites looked like
AnaLewis · 1480 days ago

Business owners take note. Discretionary spending to the tune of $175 billion is at stake. People with disabilities enjoy going out and socializing with their friends and family… and they spend money. If they cannot enter your establishment without
AnnPietrangelo · 1481 days ago

The UK is apparently a leading light when it comes to paving the way for reducing our carbon footprint, recycling, and putting strategies into place which will safeguard the environment for future generations. Yet once again our Government can be accused o
Ebby · 1481 days ago

Remember..... The touch of a hand that comforted you in your deepest sorrow or brought you to your highest pleasure.  Words, spoken so softly but yet resonating so loudly.   A stranger's smile that made you smile in turn.  Music that uplift
Heidi · 1481 days ago

Working moms can pack their kids' lunches to dodge the high-fat, high-sugar, high-sodium meals at school or day care, but many of us know how tough it can be to find the time and energy to cook a healthy dinner. It might be one reason why "a child is more
DrDeb · 1481 days ago

Leaving your past where it belongs Don't hang on to your past.It may have hurt but it will never hurt you again in the same way.Talking about it helps but ultimately you need to leave the past where it belongs and start living your life.Clinging to a pain
Elle · 1482 days ago

Mr. Rogers swam daily and kept his weight at 143 pounds, because those are the numbers that align with the words "I love you". Gertrude Stein would sit in her parked car everyday and write poetry. President Barack Obama, starts every day at 6:45 am with a
AnaLewis · 1482 days ago

I don't know why but with April Fool's around the corner, I thought about my first boyfriend.  Freudian slip? Probably, god knows Freud would have been the king of psychoanalytical tweets. I was 15 & so was he and we were girlfriend & bo
Heidi · 1482 days ago

I felt privileged to be asked to write a blog post on gender based violence for the Bewdley Quaker's Blog (UK) today. I also wrote it on behalf of my friends Mugisho and Bahati from the DRC to read it in full please visit http://www.bewdleyquakers.org.uk/b
Ebby · 1483 days ago

Consider this a public service announcement.  If I had a megaphone, I might use it, turned up to 11, for this friendly reminder: Now that Spring appears in the Northeast (as evidenced by the sunshine and green shoots in my yard), remember to step
laineyd7 · 1483 days ago

Some losses are so big; there is no place for them in the chambers of our mind. We collide with the loss in horrific, brutal fashion. Lost for words, lost for feelings, we become amputated from life itself. My first collision with no-place-for-it-
Karen-Monroy · 1486 days ago

OK, entirely political post follows. I would love to hear your opinions, but you have been warned. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,
gizmo4223 · 1487 days ago

I found this post from a year and a half ago on my blog and thought I would share it here, since it still feels relevant and close to my heart. _____ So many times recently I have sat down to write, only to get my mind moving in a hundred different direc
AnaLewis · 1487 days ago

Just this morning, Philippines was again hit by an earthquake.  A magnitude of 6.4 hit Mindoro province and about 3-4 in the National Capital Region.   At this very moment, there are still no reports of casualties or damages in Mindoro but I d
Bing · 1487 days ago

You have spent years growing and nurturing an opt-in email list and everyone you know is on Twitter and Facebook - does this make your email list obsolete? In a word, No. But it does mean that the rules are a-changin' and you will need to treat it differ
AnaLewis · 1488 days ago
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