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Eduardo Calasanz was a student in Ateneo Manila University, Philippines, where he had Fr. Ferriols as professor.  Fr. Ferriols, at that time, was the Philosophy Department Head.  Currently, he still teaches Philosophy for graduating college stude
Bing · 2987 days ago

What has become a win-win situation between web design firms and businesses is being exercised in the latest redesign of the Acacia / Marketplace/ Tohono Chul Tea Room website(s). A situation of mutual respect for the design firm, Co-Op Web, the business,
AnaLewis · 2987 days ago

When you judge the quality of your sleep last night, you're comparing it to other nights. When you judge the heaviness of the morning's commute, you're comparing it to other commutes. When you judge your lunch, you're comparing it to other lunches. When yo
DrDeb · 2988 days ago

I just had a lovely phone conversation with West Coast Twitter connection Maia Berens. You might know her as @LifeCoachMaia. We connected accidentally, as people often do in the world of social media, and felt a certain kinship over the course of several m
laineyd7 · 2988 days ago

A friend shared the following quote with me and it touched me so much I felt compelled to write about it...   "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." - Albert Einstein &n
WanderWoman · 2988 days ago

I love being a mum, I have two beautiful children who brighten my life everyday.It's not always easy being a mum, there are ups and downs, but it's the most rewarding job I've ever done.No book can ever teach you how to be a good mum, some at best can give
Elle · 2988 days ago

About five years ago, our family started celebrating Meatless Monday. None of us were vegetarians, none of us had heard of the campaigns started by Paul McCartney or John Hopkins University.  We only wanted to improve our diets and health. For the f
AnaLewis · 2989 days ago

So, I've been on a "stuff" kick. Getting rid of stuff, only buying used stuff, repairing stuff that breaks instead of throwing it away. Planned obsolescence makes me batty - and perceived obsolescence is insane. This is the opposite of everything that I've
gizmo4223 · 2989 days ago

Until last year I only used my computer for writing and a little research on the Internet.All that changed when we finally got broadband.I know... At the time I was recovering from a debilitating illness which resulted in the loss of my unborn baby.As I s
Elle · 2990 days ago

  The difference between men and women.. Made some lists.  See if you'll agree.    WOMEN Women are very open about how they feel.  They voice it out, and most of the time, show their emotions even in public.   MEN Men a
Bing · 2993 days ago

Can small things change your life? Truthfully they can change your perception, which then can change your life-if you let it. Here is an example: I had a client put their cell phone I a drawer for a week. Now I know what you’re thinking! Barbaric!
Karen-Monroy · 2993 days ago

Read about how working through conflict is like sex.  Amy and Michael Sherman of Courageous Loving share a revealing imago dialogue for you to listen and learn from.  go to  
CourageousLover · 2994 days ago

I was lost and lonely When you came into my life   You, who broke down all the barriers I'd put up. You, who dried my tears and made me smile again. You, who held me like no-one had. You, who saw me as I was and made me see what you saw. You, w
Elle · 2994 days ago

Thank you for opening up your heart and letting me in to be a part of your healingThank you for listening to my fears, my tears, my pleading for you to get better.Thank you for approaching addiction and depression with an open mind and letting your family
AnaLewis · 2994 days ago

My parents used to swear I was a fish in a past life. Growing up with frequent time on the beach, all I knew was the at-one-ment I felt there. I emersed in the water until my mom would declare if I spent one more second in the water I would grow gills.
Karen-Monroy · 2995 days ago

On the Co-Op Web site, we offer a lot of free information about how to build and utilize your business website. We believe in the free of the Internet, and as a result, I have compiled a long list of freebies available on the 'net. Today I refine this
AnaLewis · 2995 days ago

Today (March 8) marks International Women's Day 2010, and here are 10 quotes in honor of the event: "Women are always beautiful." - Ville Valo "Toughness doesn't have to come in a pinstripe suit." - Dianne Feinstein "Remember our heritage is our pow
DrDeb · 2996 days ago

How often do you say, "What an idiot?"   I was first in line to go through the security station at my gate in the airport in Amsterdam. Before I could get to the conveyor belt, an airline employee took my passport and told me to go to one of the tab
WanderWoman · 2996 days ago

Have you ever been to a construction site meeting?    Most of the time you'll see all men, wearing all these safety gears, construction hats, safety boots, safety glasses and belts, etc.   But today I'm going to share with you a scenario
Bing · 2997 days ago

As a kid I had some pretty typical career dreams. As a little girl I remember seeing a female astronaut on a box of cereal and wanting to be her. Later on I fell in love with music and I wanted to be a DJ. For a long time I considered a career in the mu
melissa_nichole · 2997 days ago

I found my perfect little black dress by accident. If you've read me before, you'll know that I haven't always attached that much importance to my clothes.Over the years,my attitude has however changed. Last year, I tried on this black "top" which had cau
Elle · 2998 days ago
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