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15.10.2010 (2804 days ago)
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The Best Things on the Internet are Free – Free Friday! Topic: Water


Desert Living and Water - What is Your Water Footprint?


Living in the Sonoran Desert, I am reminded every single day, how precious water is. It is dry here. So dry, that sometimes the ground is cracking in my garden, and on the skin on my hands - after only a night of no hydration. I wouldn't dare go out the door without water or chapstick. I would pay dearly later with a dehydration headache and sad lips. And that's not the worst of it.


The worst of it is living and feeling the scarcity of it and doing nothing about it. Taking the fact that every time we turn on that faucet, the water will go on. Our wells are draining, our water resources are dwindling, yet we continue to consume like there's no tomorrow. Our children and grandchildren will pay for our disregard for the obvious. We are in a drought and someday that toilet flushing will be a distant memory. Unless we make changes now.


What is your water footprint? Enter the H2O Calculator and find out. You will get tips on what you can do to improve your water usage and how much water is part of almost everything in your daily life.



Ana Lewis, is participating in Blog Action Day 2010.  Topic: Water





AnaLewis · 2804 days ago
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The Best Things on the Internet are Free – Free Friday! Topic: Water