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Rainbows, hawks, hummingbirds, and eagles have always been a part of my life. When I was lucky enough to see one, I knew that I was on the right track. Something wonderful would happen if not that day then soon, depending upon where or what I saw. Just seeing a hawk in a tree or high overhead was lucky, but one flying as if it was leading you on your way that was magical.

There was a rare instance when I was lucky enough to have a hawk follow me two-hundred feet, almost as if it wanted more pictures taken. After posing for them, he allowed me to catch him, as he was going to the ground talons out. The day a young bald eagle flew about six feet over my head, while I was sitting on my front lawn, the shadow of its wings darkening the sky was enchanting. As it turned around on the road and did another pass, was a bit frightening as I sat there thinking “I’m not food.” I sat watching the majesty as the young eagle turned again, flew across the road and onto my neighbor’s chimney. Wings open wide to dry them, is a site that I will never forget it was breathtaking.

Then there were the pair of hummingbirds that flew about six inches in front of my face and fluttered in front of my eyes as we studied each other. Just said a quick hello then gone leaving behind a special bit of magic for me that day.

I expect that the most magical experience of all though was the rainbow that landed in my lap, later that same day. Driving over the bay bridge going into San Francisco, we saw a huge rainbow that covered the sky in front of the city. Nearly across the bridge we reached that rainbow and the colors appeared to come through the front window of the car and stop on my lap. In that second I realized that I was my own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Somewhere along the line in the last few years I felt I had lost this magic. The special joy that come from experiencing some of nature’s miracles, as a result my world became one of struggle, fear, and depression.

Today I am celebrating not only the remembrance of these joys, but once again knowing that anytime I need to get back my ability to celebrate life. Find the gaiety, laughter, and majesty of myself and my connection to all that is great and good I can once again picture my rainbow, hummingbirds, eagle, and hawk. I have found my own triggers to bring me back to myself and the ability to find my own magic in the universe.

I am free to dance, feel the glory in movement. To sing, finding my own voice and to guide myself to a better life by being in a glorious magical moment. Not just for a minute or two but daily.

Thank you Judy Kinney, Ana Lewis, and Dawn Rivers for sharing such a wonderful hour on “Spa for the Soul.” Thank you Elle Amberley, Heidi Graf, Beth Hoffman, and Terry Gibson for the Support and generosity that you have always shown me, it has mattered more than you know. Here’s a little something for you, to share my joy.


Often just a grin,
Sometimes it’s a smile.

Then there’s a giggle,
A chuckle or two.

For rainbows are gifts,
Forever a light.

They give us all joy,
And happiness too.

Copyrighted 2012 Marta Moran-Bishop

Marta · 2317 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Love, love, love this Marta. Remember, we are only a reflection of what we give. What you are describing is what you are vibrating to the rest of us. Thank YOU!.
     2311 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Marta: 
    How absolutely wonderfully put. I feel the very same thing about you. Hugs.
     2311 days ago 
    0 points
  •  Heidi: 
    Thank you Marta for the courage, inspiration & love you sent my way. When souls join in friendship, the heart feels love as if the 1st time.
     2312 days ago 
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