I saw you while you watched your love But a moment it was, a glance I seized like a common thief, snapping a photo without permission. As soon as I did, guilt left me stricken. You’re an opportunist, I thought, Always sniffing out the raw, the real, Feathe
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I am reprinting several articles I wrote in the late 80s and early 90s. All of these are true stories. In fact, the things that happened to me, chose my life's mission--to fight against all kinds of violence against women, in particular, rape, incest and t
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The truth about me is that I tuned in to Oprah’s Life Class for a few minutes today.  The challenge that impaled my chest only one minute in was, Are you addicted to your story? Impaled my chest? Yes, I’m a super-sensitive person so bristles sprang up
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  I will be your friend always, no gaps, no forgettings. Not until the mountains are worn away, and the rivers are nothing but sand and rocks, not until it thunders and lightning comes in winter or until it snows in the summer, or until heaven and earth ar
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Today I feel like a ghost who is destined to lug a hundred pounds of chains around for eternity. Okay. Not really, but I am that pale.   Yes. I have had a bit of a bug the last few days. Exhaustion. However, I’ll power through it. I have books to read,
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As February rounds the bend, I'm surprised at how eager I am for spring.  To me, there really hasn't been a winter.  As I say that, I'm projecting pleading eyes upon the screens of everyone who is tasting brittle cold at this moment.  Forgive me.  I've
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Freeing myself from within is a huge job for me.  I have been working on it, on different levels, for decades. Still, I find comfort in words that, at once, reveal and guide me through the seemingly endless maze. This poem always helps stoke my inner power
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  After my last blog entry, I felt a bit disappointed in myself.  This is because I could not discuss change without giving voice to the inner struggles I have around it. I will say more about that in future because I am sure I am not the only woman dealin
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Our place is buzzing with excitement about Changing the World in 2012.  We're up every morning supping on a special green drink, much like the one Dr. Oz recommends.  We jog in the living room and do push-ups. Yes! We are amped to do our part in this New Y
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  Thank you for allowing me good housing, warmth, ample food, healthcare and good health.   Thank you for my eyes and having the ability to see without them. Thank you for my ears and not needing them to hear.   Thank you for the gift of intuition, compass
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I love to talk about giving and receiving.  It is something about which I am always interested. There is nothing more rewarding to be a part of, whether done as a group effort or by oneself.  Often, I have had the privilege of being in the right place at t
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  I'm a woman on the verge because two seven-year-old cats rule my home. In addition, my assertive move to combat this fiasco is to get four fluffy kitten wonders to help shift the power balance, to infuse some clear reasoning on the subject. A few more fu
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  When I think about women who are leaders, I cannot help but think of those who are famous and get lots of attention for their works. Since they do not need any focus, I like to remember the living and breathing women whom the public does not know, and ma
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  On July 5, 2011, many people, including myself, were shocked to hear the words “Not Guilty” resonate in an Orlando courtroom at the Casey Anthony murder trial. Despite our need or desire to put the puzzle together, we will never know what really happene
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In the years since writing this, I am proud to say that not only can I still refrain from breaking into song in local cafes, but I'm also now tackling, head-on, each barrier to my goals. ************ I get in Psychology and Women Studies classes the st
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