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Long Distance Mothers I live 3000 miles away from my mother and see her maybe twice a year.  It's funny how things turn around with time...and before you know it, you wish you were closer so you could share some of those moments that you now realize are pr
Robbie · 2572 days ago

  Mothers     I believe that every woman is a mother, whether it is a biological child, an adopted child, a friend, a sister, the mother of a dog or cat or pet or plant…. She is a mother.
Robbie · 2573 days ago

  I don't really know what to write as the words in my head start to fight so I open a bottle of wine and the words start to pour out in time   but a headache is coming on quick and my thoughts are starting to stick so I read some more poems on the Verge a
Robbie · 2590 days ago

  The Contest Why do I loathe contests so? According to the dictionary… Con, to persuade or swindle or Con, that which opposes, a body of evidence or Con, a convict. Is it the competition? Test, a critical examination or evaluation of the quali
Robbie · 2602 days ago
Beauty & Wisdom
Altering the perception of beauty. Beauty is ageless, and age is beautiful!
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