Some will say we are past our prime Experience is thrown away Today, the young are all that count Old man, old woman your time has passed   Not our issue if you can’t survive You should have saved, you should have known Too bad, it was wasted on those ki
Marta · 1888 days ago

Today is one of those days, when life seems good for me personally, yet the world has a darkness to it. A hole of anger and hate, fighting and arguing over ideology, when people's lives are at stake, that it leaves me nearly unable to breathe without a tea
Marta · 1930 days ago

When the stress got too much And the burden too great A dream I created To help me through life The black hole was too deep To my soul it did go For myself I had lost Clinging tightly to life
Marta · 1953 days ago

Dear Body, I know when it started, it was after my mother passed away, or at least the worst of the problems started then. However, I am sure the signs were there when I continued to push you past your limit. I neglected you, convinced myself that I co
Marta · 2007 days ago

I care not what your race is for we all come from the same foundation. I care not what religion you practice, for all paths lead to the same source.    
Marta · 2007 days ago

I must admit as a woman I fear for the future of our daughters. I am lucky my husband has had a vasectomy. I say lucky, because I cannot have children. In my life, I have had five miscarriages. I fear that should this movement continue, and I was to have
Marta · 2055 days ago

A few months ago I read this quote, “Just when things look like they are falling apart, they may actually be falling together. During stormy times we sometimes feel like we are losing everything. Maybe this stormy time is waking us to something better.” I
Marta · 2091 days ago

Funny, in the month here on the Verge, when we are to talk about the mean girl stereotype I am all done talking. I have lived with it far too long and divorced it from my life. If it is a family member, who is the culprit I have removed them from my life
Marta · 2097 days ago

So much has happened over the last few years, that I sometimes find that I am reeling. Trying to hold on to tightly to what I have, for fear it also will be lost. In the space of two years, I lost my fiancée of twenty years, the week before the wedding.
Marta · 2106 days ago

I wrote a poem called Invisibility, it is in my new book A Poet's Journey: Emotions. I wrote it because so very much of my life I have felt invisible. People tell me that I stand out and shine, yet in my heart I am hiding.   I came to the verge at the sugg
Marta · 2145 days ago

These last few months have forced me to look at my largest vulnerabilities. From March 6th to May 30th we all watched my sister through her last struggles with colon cancer. During this time as you all know some of my siblings conducted themselves with the
Marta · 2146 days ago

Years ago I had a part time job as a magician’s assistant. During the final act I went into a box and was cut into three pieces. After being put back together, magically I was transformed into Wonder Woman. To say it was difficult changing clothes in a tin
Marta · 2165 days ago

As many of you know my oldest sister is near death. She has bowel and colon cancer and was taken off her nutrients a little over fifty days ago. The nutrients were feeding her cancer and not her. Since then she has had nothing but fluids through a tube, sh
Marta · 2166 days ago

At the beginning of this month of laughter and letting our inner fool out. I went to Judy Kinney’s Spa for the Soul. It was a wonderful experience and in many ways I learned much. One of the most important things I learned was the ability to find joy and b
Marta · 2189 days ago

  Ah to laugh at one’s self, is the most freeing thing we can do as people. It probably supersedes anything else that makes us different then many of life’s creatures or that is at least what we have been told. I love to laugh at myself, I can truly be a
Marta · 2208 days ago

This month of sisterhood has taken me through the depth and breadth of what women can be to each other and what they should not be. Next weekend I will be flying up to say goodbye to my sister, who is dying of cancer. The doctors have given her maybe a few
Marta · 2216 days ago

Will we be sisters? Will we be friends? Can we break the chains? Of stereotype. Let jealousy go, Hold each other, Delight in triumph, Bury the hatchet. Honoring us all, With caring ways, Forgo backstabbing, Replace it with
Marta · 2238 days ago

I’m not ready to lose my sister, Not one kind, nor gentle part of her, The years of memories wash through me. The world will lose such intelligence, Laughter, gaiety and kindness too, When her light is gone and flame burned out. I want
Marta · 2238 days ago

  I was born a dreamer, believing that we could be more. I believed and still do in a kinder gentler world. In a place where people are raised to be thoughtful of each other and to see how their actions might affect the other person. Call me naive if you
Marta · 2238 days ago

Rainbows, hawks, hummingbirds, and eagles have always been a part of my life. When I was lucky enough to see one, I knew that I was on the right track. Something wonderful would happen if not that day then soon, depending upon where or what I saw. Just se
Marta · 2252 days ago

  Upon the hill beside the road Stood the two little trees side by side. Over the years they grew as one, Trunks and branches intertwined One hundred years and more they stood Limbs locked in a lovers embrace.
Marta · 2256 days ago
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