Today, I traveled a little over 20 miles with my youngest son and his alto saxophone in order for him to participate in the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) solo festival. He performed there (solo: The Hunter's Chorus, scales and sightreadi
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This was originally posted to my personal blog on February 3, 2003. For the record, the relevant ages of the relevant participants were: Gina – 13 yrs. Kimmie – 8 yrs. Ricky – 5 yrs. ... and Derek is a family friend who was living with our family at the ti
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I guess I'll officially declare that this will be Ricky month. What follows is another oldie-but-goodie. About a decade before he was longing for a golden penis sheath to show off in the locker room, he was entertaining me in other, more innocent ways. I
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I'm back in school. I have returned to an institution of higher learning so that I can receive the benefit of an improved mind and increased access to information. For example, if I hadn't gone back to school, I would never have heard the tale of the Golde
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