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In order to move on, I had to find a way to let go - in particular the anger and the shame.  I started to journal soon after arriving at the shelter but the words were not as forthcoming and that did lacked conviction.  The "Dear Jack" letter started to wr
Heidi · 16 hours ago

My last post was written shortly before I went into a shelter for abused women in crisis.  This post finds me in week 5 of shelter life.  There is little doubt that abuse towards women is and if not already, should be, prosecuted as a serious crime. There
Heidi · 2 days ago

This is my last post.  I want, more than anything, for this message to go viral.  To reach as many women as possible.  I have been in an abusive relationship for 30 plus years   He has physically and mentally abused me.  My "aha" moment came when I realize
Heidi · 49 days ago

Dear Mom, It's been many years since you passed away and that ache, no matter what anyone says has not gone away.  I miss you so much & in so many ways.  I didn't tell you often enough how much I love you,i how mportant you were to me.  How you made m
Heidi · 714 days ago

You must have been asking for it, baby. That tight ass in those skimpy clothes & that cleavage that never stopped screaming come and get me. The way you leaned against the bar all night, eyes darting around the room, hungry for love & then you stop
Heidi · 821 days ago

We tend to think about leadership only in the context of a business or organization but it also exists outside that context –personal, family & social.  We can spend the rest of our lives trying to define and settle on what leadership is and its associ
Heidi · 837 days ago

1.  Be kind to yourself - to help you recognize & meet that need with others.  2.  Fuel your dreams – to light the flame of inspiration. 3.  Think of smile before it reaches your lips – to make it last that much longer. 4.  Raise your hand to help – to
Heidi · 846 days ago

Sometimes I just don’t feel like being kind… To the person who pushed ahead of me in line because your coffee meant so much more to you than common courtesy.  To the person who tied their dog up on a cold day by the street while they had a shopping emergen
Heidi · 849 days ago

Ana’s words “I told myself, I can continue on this mission, but ONLY if we tackle shit that matters”, made me pay attention.  Not only because I don’t want to live in a world without WOTV, or Ana, Marta, Elle, Terry and all the other strong and missioned w
Heidi · 854 days ago

I often look at magazines and imagine, albeit briefly, what my life would be like or how it would be different if only my body was as good as that woman in that picture.  This body, this mass of flesh, bones, muscle and of course, fat, has at various point
Heidi · 1066 days ago

It's been a long time since I've ranted about life and stuff, this & that.  I know that the 'so called experts' will say it's not good for you to dwell on the negative.  Yes, agreed.  That's why I'm ranting, sharing and not dwelling and, more important
Heidi · 1072 days ago

At times I feel as though I have unlimited power - to accomplish & be accomplished.  And then, someone makes a comment and I both watch & feel my power drain, sometimes just a slow trickle, other times like sand through an open hand.  Even though I
Heidi · 1073 days ago

or, really thinking inside the box.  I moved recently & at the same time downsized which is a very poetic way of saying I was forced to get rid of my junk.  I believe junk falls into 3 categories whether you're moving or not - real junk (broken, one of
Heidi · 1103 days ago

I'm all for bucket lists, I think it's great to be able to want to experience things, small or grande - whether young or old.  But there are some things that will never make it on my list to do to experience: Doing anything naked that shouldn't be done nak
Heidi · 1161 days ago

I feel my heart beat quicker each time I think of all the times it has broken with the weight of my tears, and all the minutes and moments it beat even faster as it tried to grasp the enormity of building fears. I remember the sound of an echo as I listene
Heidi · 1162 days ago

I never really appreciated my women friends until much later in life, honestly...in the last couple of years.  Truth be told, since I became a member of WOTV.  My first awareness that my best friends, all women since at that time, during my teens, no one h
Heidi · 1163 days ago

If I had 24 hours, what would I want to say. What thoughts & words would I want to leave for people to remember me by?  If I had 24 hours, I would have 24 words that mean everything to me. Thanks: To friends who helped me dare.  Love: Yourself first, t
Heidi · 1168 days ago

Here is a wake-up call to all those who think they know all about women in their 50's.  To all the checklists, best learnings, latest information, esteemed colleagues, steamed politicans, doctors, candlestick makers, lost in translation, never spoken, writ
Heidi · 1169 days ago

Loss of a loved one becomes such a public journey of personal grief.  We are surrounded by family & friends, sharing moments of silent tears and unspoken words.   At times, it seems as if we are merely going through the motions of what is expected not
Heidi · 1191 days ago

Most agree that we need our inner critic to save us from doing anything that may embarass, endanger or otherwise cause a pause in our psyche.  In other words, save us from ourselves.  However, that inner critic can wreck far more havoc with our well being
Heidi · 1191 days ago

How would I set myself free?   These chains that tie me to my past, hinder me in the present & threaten the future were forged over many years.  They consist of hidden hurts wrapped in the dark paper of anger, tied with ribbons of tears.   Each link fo
Heidi · 1196 days ago
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