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During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
doreenb8 · 1781 days ago

I cannot put my finger on the exact moment it started with me but I know I was very young. I suffered with “nice” girl disease as early as ages four and five and most likely even younger. I am not sure why I contracted the disease but the possibilities are
doreenb8 · 1805 days ago

After a tumultuous 2011, I decided I could not save the world. I spent most of this past year concentrating on my immediate family, clients, neighbors and close friends. I have been busy ‘working’ on myself. One of my 2012 goals was to move on from anyone
doreenb8 · 1967 days ago

Its that time again ladies, oh my, lets take a deep breath, meditate and free our spirits.  Lets polish our arguments and turn them into conversations.  Lets replace attacks with facts. Lets perfect our listening skills...It is Election Season!! So, I have
doreenb8 · 2301 days ago

During my teen years there was no doubt in my mind. I was going to be a mother and a writer. In my 20's, as a young mother I drove myself nearly insane trying to figure out what My Purpose was on this planet.  Back then weren't we all on on a quest "to fin
doreenb8 · 2341 days ago

Why oh Why? Giving has never been a problem for me. If a squirrel was sick and needed some blood I would probably be first in line. I have loved foster children and homeless people and cared for them in my home. Why oh why is it so easy for me to give and
doreenb8 · 2390 days ago

I cannot wait until this month is over and NOT so I no longer have to think of something to write involving sex. It is mainly because next month; November 8th to be exact is the release date of my very first book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble .com here I c
doreenb8 · 2402 days ago

A few months ago, I was having some trouble sleeping so I clicked on the television. It was a commercial, appeared to be some sort of doctor’s office and two young women sitting next to each were discussing, the new Trojan Vibrating Pulse. I shook my head
doreenb8 · 2416 days ago

I remember so clearly way back then... Curled up in my closet with a book and a pen The ending didn’t sit well with me I needed a flashlight so I could see.   Before I realized; I was a mother-to-be Much too young I’m sure you would agree She became my lif
doreenb8 · 2452 days ago

Bring it on that’s what I have to say You will never stop me not today I’ve moved well on with my life You are still stuck with all that strife. You tried before and I let you slide Because I’m not selfish, I have a healthy pride. These lat
doreenb8 · 2458 days ago

Lynn Doyle, a talk show host for Comcast is doing a show for the 91st anniversary of ‘Women’s Equality Day.’ She has posed the question, “Does a woman’s choice to marry and motherhood limit her chances to be equal?” I have been pondering this question fo
doreenb8 · 2461 days ago

I am thinking today of some forgotten women. It is because of my ‘day’ job that I am thinking of these women, who at one time in history were good wives, daughters, sisters and friends to someone. Some of them have blazed the path for all of us, and becam
doreenb8 · 2475 days ago

I am rarely at a loss for something to write about, especially when given prompts. Women in leadership roles, women in powerful positions, influential women, the list is endless. I scrubbed my kitchen floor because sometimes cleaning jogs an idea loose. I
doreenb8 · 2482 days ago

*Disclaimer: I really try to stay away from the ever ugly politics and religion. I really do. Today I just feel compelled to have a conversation. My intention is NOT to upset or hurt anyone; honestly…I’m all about love, tolerance and peace. I wish we coul
doreenb8 · 2493 days ago

It was about this time of the year. I sat on the front porch with my bonus daughter Heather and rubbed her eight months pregnant belly. I created one thousand reasons in my mind why the baby boy was not kicking like a little football player. Kyle Christo
doreenb8 · 2497 days ago

When my brother at age 26 was brutally murdered during a random road rage attack there wasn't much anybody could say to make me feel better.  Here is an excert from my book "BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP" [November 2011] When I was alone, I remembered what people sa
doreenb8 · 2506 days ago

  “Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me” Oh how I remember saying this as a child. A child who was lying, because the words did hurt, the words caused a lump in my throat. They caused tears to sting my eyes. I could not wait t
doreenb8 · 2513 days ago

  The wedding was now nothing more than a blur in my mind. The day went by so quickly. Perhaps it was because I really did nothing to plan the event. John took care of just about every detail. Maybe it was because part of me just believed it would never ha
doreenb8 · 2518 days ago