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Gabriel Paulista se incorpora al trabajo de grupo Paterna (Valencia), 12 abr Camisetas de Fútbol Real madrid(EFE).- La presencia del defensa brasileño Gabriel Paulista en la sesión junto al resto de sus compañeros ha sido la nota más destacada en el entren
yumaigogo · 9 hours ago

Ensayo de una hora ante el Tamaraceite con un solitario gol de Calleri Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 12 abr (EFE).- Un gol del delantero argentino Jonathan Calleri, en la camisetas fútbol baratas segunda parte, ha resuelto el ensayo, de una hora de duración,
yumaigogo · 9 hours ago

Arthur elegido mejor centrocampista del torneo Gaúcho Arthur Melo se muestra agradecido camisetas del barcelona tras ser nombrado mejor centrocampista del torneo Gaúcho. El pasado fin de semana, el Gremio de Porto Alegre, actual equipo de Arthur, se hi
yumaigogo · 9 hours ago

Valencia es una de las capitales Camisetas de Real Madrid turísticas del mundo y tiene una historia muy interesante que data de cuando era el Reino Antiguo de Valencia. Ahora es una provincia en España y tiene una capital con el mismo nombre y si estás int
yumaigogo · 6 days ago

Valencia es una de las ciudades Equipaciones del Torino más bellas de España y es famosa por su arquitectura vanguardista, buena comida y clima templado. Unas vacaciones en Valencia pueden ser un verdadero placer, así que aquí hay algunos consejos para ayu
yumaigogo · 6 days ago

Valencia es una de las ciudades más grandes Camisetas de Athletic Bilbao baratas de España. Si está interesado en hacer una excursión a Valencia, alquilar un coche en Valencia es la mejor solución para usted. Alquilar un coche en Valencia te brindará la op
yumaigogo · 6 days ago

Era difícil creer que el partido Las nuevas Camiseta para Cadiz entre el FC Barcelona y el Valencia el 19 de febrero de 2012 marcó la 200ª aparición de Lionel Messi en la Liga española. No parecía haber llegado en ningún momento dado que él había sido un j
yumaigogo · 10 days ago

Con una extraordinaria victoria en Camisetas de Eintracht Frankfurt triples en la Copa del Rey, la Primera División y la Liga de Campeones en su primera campaña, Pep Guardiola ha creado un lugar especial en la historia del FC Barcelona. Después de anunciar
yumaigogo · 10 days ago

La Supercopa de España ha terminado Camisetas de Leipzig baratas y con eso es el tiempo de la Liga entre el Real Madrid y el Athletic de Bilbao. Después de que su partido contra el Barcelona terminó mal y con su entrenador Mourinho en el epicentro, el Real
yumaigogo · 10 days ago

WHEN I WAS NOT MYSELF   There is beauty in my soul And kindness in my heart A sadness for mistakes I made When I was not myself   It’s easy to go astray And lose oneself When you follow not your spirit Or the whispers in your head   The desire not to hurt
Marta · 19 days ago

So the day after the catcalling, and that phone call. Apparently I should be flattered? Sigh And the phone call? You want to talk to me like I'm an idiot because I'm a woman? What gives you that right? Sad dude, get a life. You had no idea who I was, but q
Elle · 1323 days ago

Love this! A café in Cheltenham, Gloucetershire (UK) offers a break to breastfeeding mothers. A positive story offering a smile when all you seem to hear is negative reactions to breastfeeding. A reminder also that it is illegal to discriminate against bre
Elle · 1371 days ago

Remember the laughs? The good times, the bad times Thrown together  A friend of a friend Somehow we stuck together I couldn't understand the jibes I still can't Prejudice and ignorance They made you feel ashamed You didn't want to be you It still pains m
Elle · 1373 days ago

I see the odd look, I hear the odd whisper. What is it to you?  It's not your hair. Why do you care? Cut it to conform? Conform to what? To appease your pre-conceived ideas. I don't think so. There was a time when I would have cared. I might have had doubt
Elle · 1379 days ago

I can't believe it! May 8th, the day we moved into the apartment, 2013 began the first year of the four year plan. So we are now into our second year and pretty much on track. Finances still need work but everything else is falling into place.  The basic o
granolagirl · 1410 days ago

My kids have been in some form of counseling for the last two years. Bless their hearts, losing their dad, moving "back home" and going back to public school has been a lot. That doesn't include the fact we had little stability while my husband was alive (
granolagirl · 1415 days ago

I have a lot of work ahead of me this summer. I am going to concentrate on our garden, my job and re-branding myself. My new brand isn't much different but it does reflect me to a tee: Single Sustainable Mom. My blog tosses out recipes, tips on various thi
granolagirl · 1417 days ago

It's been two years since I last posted and since my husband passed away. A lot in my life has changed since then. The first year, so far, was the hardest. We were all a mess but it seems we have pulled ourselves together and we are all going places and en
granolagirl · 1437 days ago

Beauty is not in the smoothness of the skin of our youthNor the length of our hair, or a wrinkle free neckIt is not in the shape of breasts or the size of the waistIt is in the way your eyes danceYour body sways with the musicAnd the rhythms of life that y
Marta · 1502 days ago

Heart smiles, for me, are positive moments in time that nurture the expansion of my heart in terms of spirit. These experiences have a lasting and sometimes profound influence on how I view the world. They restore my faith in humanity, nudge me to believe
Scritch · 1560 days ago

This month's topic is WOTV is Making a Heart Smile Collage, so what is this and why are we doing it?  Read the press release here for details. I have felt so many times in my life that I don't always know my purpose.  What can I do to best serve our higher
AnaLewis · 1563 days ago
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