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Mom, Mom-Mom, wife, author/writer/speaker. Advocate for the elderly and victims of all crime. Believer that all women are sisters and like family we can disagree but still love and respect one another.
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During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
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I cannot put my finger on the exact moment it started with me but I know I was very young. I suffered with “nice” girl disease as early as ages four and five and most likely even younger. I am not sure why I contracted the disease but the possibilities are
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I love all of your suggestions Ana, especially sharing a memory and saying nothing at all.

Our topic this month, Strong Women Surviving Devastating Ordeals, is very important. Thankfully a good majority of us have not suffered a devastating ordeal, however, with the Internet on 24/7, we are exposed to such events on a daily basis and sometimes i
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