The Leroy Tree, a true story, takes us on the journey of a young girl who, in an attempt to escape from an alcoholic, abusive family, finds herself in a much worse predicament: pregnant at thirteen. With no one to save her and her young son but herself, she begins the long climb back up the mountain of shame and guilt—built by her mother and others—by using her dream of getting an education as a climber’s axe to pull her up. Along the way, she meets a number of people, some good, some not so good, who nonetheless inspire and encourage her to continue her journey. Her focus stays on her goal, not on the obstacles which appeared before her all too frequently. She refuses to allow those obstacles to become excuses to give up; rather, she looks at them as lessons to strengthen her resolve to continue her journey.

A must read for all teens and their parents. The Leroy Tree tells the story of a young girl who refuses to allow her family history to be her destiny.

A must read for all teachers. The Leroy Tree introduces us to the power teachers have in the classroom. Seeds planted by teachers may be miniscule, yet they have the power to produce enormous success.

A must read for those who’ve lost hope of ever achieving their dream. The Leroy Tree shows how far perseverance and determination can take anyone who refuses to give up.

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The Leroy Tree: A Memoir