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The continuation of A Poet's Journey, Sunlight and Shadows, covers the emotional journay of one woman. Many of the world's recent events, such as Newtown, which tore each of us apart, though differently and the bigotry that is showing in society of late is told in the verse of Sunlight And Shadows. In its pages you will also find along with love in all its moods, are the tough subjects of rape, betrayal, loss, and abuse. Ms. Bishop believes that it is in how we deal with our emotions and each ot…
1917 days ago · From Marta
A Poet's Journey: Emotions, is a veritable roller coaster of emotions from heights of joy to the depths of despair. The good, the bad, and the beautiful of being human, a work set to the huge dichotomy called life. A POET'S JOURNEY: EMOTION is full of honest human emotion expressed through beautiful rhythmic poetry. This vast collection is perfectly tuned by talented author, Marta Moran Bishop. Her work will leave you laughing, crying, and remembering. From subtle romance in MOONLIT NIGHTS…
2150 days ago · From Marta
Return to the joy of your youth, in this book of verse as seen through the eyes of a child. Wee Three, is a children's keepsake book that can be read to the young or read by the young at heart. A full 1/3 more verses to take you back to your childhood. The expanded edition of Wee Three: A Mother's Love in Verse It covers over seventy years of childhood memories and is illustrated by Hazel Mitchell.
2420 days ago · From Marta