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"Of Course You Can" is an enlightenment guide for women. It has been created so that you can learn about and work with your own powers! It gives you a simple understanding of how we are all connected to each other,Universe, and Mother Earth. You will learn how your thoughts and feelings work and how you can bring what you desire into your life. "Of Course You Can" introduces you to the subjects of Thoughts and Feelings,Energy Vibrations, Choices, Love, Chakras, The importance of you and …
2469 days ago · From Lynn
This is a book about the basic life skills that are not always taught in school or at home. Did you ever wonder when you were getting ready to leave home for the first time, if your parents had taught you everything you needed to know to survive on your own?  Did you know how to do laundry; clean a home; balance a checkbook or cook a meal? Were you aware of the different types of deposits required to either rent or buy a home?  If the answers were “yes” – good for the role models that you had! T…
2553 days ago · From Michele
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