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Marta Moran Bishop has lovingly created the real-life poignant tale of Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal. Narrated by the central character, Dinky, readers are given a window into the heartbreaking life that can await a nurse mare foal. This is a powerful story highlighting the inhumane practice of a foal being bred for the sole purpose of producing milk in the mare, so she can nourish a high-dollar mare’s foal. Young Dinky's battle for survival begins when he is taken to a farm where the proba…
2010 days ago · From Marta
The continuation of A Poet's Journey, Sunlight and Shadows, covers the emotional journay of one woman. Many of the world's recent events, such as Newtown, which tore each of us apart, though differently and the bigotry that is showing in society of late is told in the verse of Sunlight And Shadows. In its pages you will also find along with love in all its moods, are the tough subjects of rape, betrayal, loss, and abuse. Ms. Bishop believes that it is in how we deal with our emotions and each ot…
1941 days ago · From Marta
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