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I’m all for making life simpler. What I notice though, is unawareness leads to complicating life and most folks suffer from their unawareness of the ONE THING SYNDROME. One example of this syndrome can be found in marketing and advertising. &nbsp
Karen-Monroy · 3257 days ago

Movies. Some are worth seeing twice. Some might even be worth seeing three times. Too many aren't worth seeing at all. Now me -- I like movies that tell a story I can believe. A story that says to me, "This is real," even when I know it isn't. A story so w
AnnPietrangelo · 3258 days ago

When your get up and go has got up and left; do you have any of these behaviors when you are trying to get motivated?     *search for inspirational songs, writings or sayings? *tell everyone who will give you the time of day about your slump?
Karen-Monroy · 3263 days ago

Hi Folks - join us for a wonderful teleclass this thursday night.  to register - go to   Go to and let your voice be heard.             
CourageousLover · 3264 days ago

For most of us, life is happening fast. Our ability to untangle thoughts from emotions and cause from effect is lost in this "busy-busy" life.Do you know which comes first? The thought or the emotion?Have you ever said, "you make me so happy" or "you make
Karen-Monroy · 3264 days ago

In the 60's and early 70's, I sported a hippie wanna-be look. In retrospect, the look was a bit clownish. Afterwards, during the 80's, I wore – in public, mind you -- tight leggings with an oversized shirt. Even today I cringe when I view photographs
AnnPietrangelo · 3264 days ago

note to self, "I am a human-being, not human-doing". I know the importance of goals, having a direction for the way we spend our time and criteria to evaluate the return on the investment of our time. Before any of this happens however, I remind myself I
Karen-Monroy · 3265 days ago

I was in the fifth grade when I learned how a single word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Not the word necessarily, but how it is interpreted by the reader.We were assigned the task of writing a one-page description of ourselves, both our phys
AnnPietrangelo · 3270 days ago

There has been a lot of press around the research that prompted Marcus Buckingham's latest book, Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women do Differently. The studies declare women to be less happier than they were 40 years ago.
WanderWoman · 3271 days ago

The weather lately has been such a drag!  It finally seemed to lift yesterday, the sun peeking out, but no, back to hiding again.  I'm making a consious effort to not take it personally.
zainy · 3277 days ago

I believe that the things you need come to you when you need them the most, and Cami's "29-Day Giving Challenge" is no exception.   A year ago my family's life was turned upside down. Two days before Christmas my partner went into work and was told
SueBraiden · 3278 days ago

Ever feel so small as an individual in the shadows of the world's ravenous appetite for healing that you don't think your voice could possibly make a difference?   As a better world scout, I'm always looking for things that work so that I can share
SueBraiden · 3279 days ago

Did anyone see Cami Walker ont he Today Show this week? She was diagnosed with MS and followed a therapy given to her by her spiritual guide. Here's her story:I'm a writer, artist and healer who lives in Los Angeles, California. I worked in advertising fo
AnaLewis · 3279 days ago

As part of its Online Series on Health Reform, reports these disturbing facts about women's health care: * less than 50% of women can get employer-based health insurance and even when they work for an employee that offers coverage, one in
AnnPietrangelo · 3279 days ago

Hello, As a local business owner and mother of 5, I would like to encourage you, your business and/or school to help spearhead the tremendous efforts of Meatless Monday. I am not affiliated with Meatless Monday, I am simply inspired by the phenomenal effo
AnaLewis · 3285 days ago

  A client recently asked me how to she can enjoy waking up and going to work when she knows that as soon as she can, she is going to move on to something new. One of the most difficult parts of making a career move is to avoid feeling like a lame du
WanderWoman · 3288 days ago

Did you hear about Tererai Trent, the woman who grew up in Zimbabwe, who was on Oprah last week?       She lived without running water and electricity and had no hope for her future. In hope of breaking the cycle of poverty, Tererai's mo
AnaLewis · 3290 days ago

I heard a great story on NPR's Talk of the Nation about the storytelling skill of Ernest Hemingway. When asked if he could write a story in six words, he came back to his challenger the next day with these lines , "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." Althou
WanderWoman · 3292 days ago

When I was sixteen years old, I applied for an assembly line job at a local factory. It was literally just a few steps from my own front door, so the location was ideal. My older brother and sister had already done time on the line, so I had some idea what
AnnPietrangelo · 3292 days ago

Hi Everyone,           I do have a blog:  I hope you will visit it and leave some feedback for me!      
Karen-Monroy · 3298 days ago

Every Monday, for the past few years, my family and I have gone Meatless on Mondays. It was an easy tihng to do as a family and little did I know it would have such an impact on the ways that we would all eat in the future. As a result, I just kept going
AnaLewis · 3301 days ago
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