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I was reading Terry's post this morning and started replying to it when it hit me. The theme this month is super powers. Like Ana, I shy away from compliments. I mean, super powers? Me? Then I realise she was right. We all have super powers if only we can
Elle · 2353 days ago

Trash tv, just what the doctor ordered. Well, I'm not a fan of television, but... What do you do you do when you have no energy? I want to get up and do but there's no vava voom. So what then?   Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep. Neither could my daughte
Elle · 2375 days ago

  Well, it seems the Samantha Brick story boomed world wide. Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the link from one of Britain's much acclaimed and prestigious newspapers (hope you got the sarcastic bit)
Elle · 2388 days ago

Finding your purpose or rather the many purposes you will encounter in your life. For some it comes easily, for others not so. Whether you find it early or later on what matters is you finding that sometimes elusive purpose. Perhaps, sometimes we try too h
Elle · 2486 days ago

  It's official, my new pen name will be Elle Amberley. New novel will be out in a few months time. Thank you for your support. More details soon, stay tuned. I am now on LinkedIn: Look forward to readin
Elle · 2691 days ago

A woman claims to have been sexually assaulted. "He was set up. He couldn't have." Some claim Sarkozy himself had him framed. Well, wouldn't that make for a great story? All the papers say how DSK's weakness is women, how well-known it is. "She's a lowly m
Elle · 2711 days ago

For the last few weeks I have struggled watching or reading the news. This scandal is brewing and raging on, one of the worst, if not the worst, Britain has known. Where will it end? Who knows, with talk of several other celebrities and politicians involve
Elle · 2171 days ago

So a few days ago, I sat down to write a post for WOTV, it was called Ah, these fur babies. I had it all worked out, but as I started writing my mind took over. This does happen quite a lot, whether I'm writing novels or features. I meant to talk about our
Elle · 2237 days ago

Women change the world, we all do. Good or bad. Ever since I can remember I wanted to change things in this world, all the injustices. Why should anybody go without food, basic care, shelter, recognition, love, respect? The list is endless. Food, care, sh
Elle · 2465 days ago

Why Occupy Me? Remember last weekend. I saw the picture and then the video and I began posting. I could not stay silent. "If you tolerate this..." sprang to mind. What kind of human being does this? Pepper spraying repeatedly students prostrated on the gro
Elle · 2523 days ago

As I've been hiding myself for many years, shying away from publicity, some people think I'm some sort of hermit. The stereotype of the reclusive writer lived on through me. Many of you will know why I have protected this way. Living in fear is not fun. It
Elle · 2635 days ago

OK, so this is not easy, writing about the hero in you. I suffer from the well-known British reserve. What, I asked myself, can I bring on this subject. Thinking about it, I realise we are all heroes. We all have our up and downs, it's how we react to them
Elle · 2779 days ago

  I really thought when I saw the link to this article I would agree with it. I do, in some ways. Unfortunately the woman who wrote is so focused on her lost dream of being a mother she ends up criticising everybody else and losing track. She sorts of admi
Elle · 2376 days ago

Will we be sisters? Will we be friends? Can we break the chains? Of stereotype. Let jealousy go, Hold each other, Delight in triumph, Bury the hatchet. Honoring us all, With caring ways, Forgo backstabbing, Replace it with
Marta · 2421 days ago

  I was born a dreamer, believing that we could be more. I believed and still do in a kinder gentler world. In a place where people are raised to be thoughtful of each other and to see how their actions might affect the other person. Call me naive if you
Marta · 2421 days ago

Rainbows, hawks, hummingbirds, and eagles have always been a part of my life. When I was lucky enough to see one, I knew that I was on the right track. Something wonderful would happen if not that day then soon, depending upon where or what I saw. Just se
Marta · 2435 days ago

  Upon the hill beside the road Stood the two little trees side by side. Over the years they grew as one, Trunks and branches intertwined One hundred years and more they stood Limbs locked in a lovers embrace.
Marta · 2438 days ago

French women can be hard to understand. Many are happy to live in a society where chauvinism and sexism are kings. This really is hard for me to fathom. Really, hard. They tend to regard feminism with distrust, something best left to English and Americans.
Elle · 2707 days ago

  This is not a war!   It's never a good idea to throw people in the same boat just because they have one thing, or even more in common. Sweeping judgments like these bring disaster and more hatred. Attacking other groups in the name of defending your own
Elle · 2097 days ago

Express yourself   Meet your new friends, all over the web Pick your network, or use them all   Women everywhere find a new voice, New friendships are forged.   Shy or extrovert, it doesn’t matter You’ve got something to say.   Whatever your interests, Lik
Elle · 2115 days ago

Look what I came across this morning, I had to share.   We've seen all the gross headlines, the despicable comments, the way women are portrayed in the media. But what can we do? Do we make a stand or just accept it? Every time I've posted or responded to
Elle · 2241 days ago
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