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We are free to be ourselves, no matter how hard it can be. You know the saying...There is only one of you. That's it!   We can aspire, we can learn, we can look to other people and still be us. No need to be clones, no need to follow the trend, no need to
Elle · 2528 days ago

Just seen this article on social sharing posted by one of my publishers. Timely indeed as I've just heard a person, who had befriended me, then proceeded to harass my friends, and attempted to find out where I live, has turned one shade nastier. How to hur
Elle · 2375 days ago

  Where do my vulnerabilities lie? In the deepest recesses of my heart In the tears fallen, ravaging my face In a lifetime of broken promises   Lying on my wet pillow as I cry Sobbing with the death of a dear sister The loss of someone I believed a friend
Marta · 2420 days ago

Wow, I really loved that quote. I was reading this article about a Spanish doctor. Dr Carlos Gonzalez is the author of "Kiss me" and "My child won't eat."   If you've read some of my posts you will know I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to parenthood and be
Elle · 2427 days ago

These last few months have forced me to look at my largest vulnerabilities. From March 6th to May 30th we all watched my sister through her last struggles with colon cancer. During this time as you all know some of my siblings conducted themselves with the
Marta · 2421 days ago

Years ago I had a part time job as a magician’s assistant. During the final act I went into a box and was cut into three pieces. After being put back together, magically I was transformed into Wonder Woman. To say it was difficult changing clothes in a tin
Marta · 2441 days ago

I wrote a poem called Invisibility, it is in my new book A Poet's Journey: Emotions. I wrote it because so very much of my life I have felt invisible. People tell me that I stand out and shine, yet in my heart I am hiding.   I came to the verge at the sugg
Marta · 2420 days ago

Peace washes in and through me, Like the tides upon the shore.   I’m a woman on the verge, I’m free to be who I am.   Hurtful words can harm me not Judgments made from lies and tales.   I’m a woman on the verge, Living with honor and joy.   Through my spir
Marta · 2390 days ago

A little bird has landed, twisting my thoughts for you to enjoy. My new collection of poems is available on amazon. Happy reading! Hope you will enjoy my poems.  
Elle · 2308 days ago

Dear body of mine, Haven't you and I struggled? We became enemies. I know it's not your fault, you just grew, did what you were supposed to do. But boy, did I hate those looks, the old perverts who wanted a slice of you. They made me feel dirty, I wanted t
Elle · 2289 days ago

  I am a feminist, to me,woman = feminist. Feminism means different things to people. For me,it just means respecting women as much as men and thus giving women the same rights and opportunities as men. There are some women out there giving the wrong id
Elle · 2511 days ago

A few months ago I read this quote, “Just when things look like they are falling apart, they may actually be falling together. During stormy times we sometimes feel like we are losing everything. Maybe this stormy time is waking us to something better.” I
Marta · 2366 days ago

Every year, the same question, an accusation for some. "Do we really need Women's Day?" Of course, we do. And why not?   So, I've been away and I've been quiet. My friends know why, no need to go back on that. I am extremely tired and concentrating on my
Elle · 2512 days ago

So many things are beyond our control, beyond my control. So what do you do? Do you lament and feel sorry for yourself? Or do you pick yourself up and try and make the best of it? Well, it's OK to feel sorry sorry for yourself. Like many I do beat myself,
Elle · 2543 days ago

I wrote a little piece for fun yesterday which I posted on my blog. Do celebrities think they can really buy everything? Makes you wonder. Would I want to cash in on my baby's name? What do you think? Do they really need more money? Take a look. Warning! B
Elle · 2278 days ago

  Acts of kindness stay with you, for ever and ever.   Your kindness is not always appreciated. Never mind, keep it up.   Make kindness count, be kind because you want to   Those little random acts of kindness, the ones you never expected, the ones when
Elle · 2319 days ago

So many of us have encountered abuse. So many of us have buried their wounds deep inside. Children are afraid, they daren't talk or they rebel, they run away, try and kill themselves. We all run away somehow. I mostly retreated in my imagination, believing
Elle · 2798 days ago

Sometimes kindness can be the last straw   I was going to write quite a lengthy post and I ran out of time, or rather it turned to be more difficult to write than I anticipated. Kindness, the last straw? Perhaps you will recognise this feeling, when it all
Elle · 2325 days ago

Kindness surrounds us, if we're not too blind to see it. It doesn't take much, the smallest of gesture to restore our faith, my faith, in humanity. There was the boy who put his arms around me when I was sobbing in a school corridor many years ago. I was s
Elle · 2329 days ago

Did you hear the news today? A charity is calling for the 50 shades books to be burnt. Burning books? It reminds me of the Nazis and over extremists and acts of violence. Another case of shock, the new weapon? Read my thoughts here, would welcome your view
Elle · 2339 days ago

  Ah to laugh at one’s self, is the most freeing thing we can do as people. It probably supersedes anything else that makes us different then many of life’s creatures or that is at least what we have been told. I love to laugh at myself, I can truly be a
Marta · 2483 days ago
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