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I've been writing about living successfully with a chronic illness (in my case lupus) on my regular blog. But i'm not just interested in my own voice. I'd love to hear from other pain fighters and get them to share their stories, too. Click HERE to read ab
theblandau · 1725 days ago

  At the beginning of every month, I make a commitment to myself to fully be in every topic. This has proven to be quite beneficial to me, in my growth. With that endeavor in mind, I chose to focus at the beginning of this month, while our topic is “Real
AnaLewis · 2445 days ago

  Her name is Guruatma. Weekly she goads us, her students, to ask the universe for what we want and to believe we will make it happen. “Do you want more joy? Ask for it!”, she exclaims. Whatever worries I may have brought to this kundalini yoga class, I
laineyd7 · 2577 days ago

Happy Friday, everyone!   I love communicating online. Twitter, blogging, FB, email, Moodles, Wikis... You name it, I've used it to reach out to people for one reason or another. But we must never forget the value of face-to-face communication.   For insta
theblandau · 2611 days ago

A dear yoga teacher of mine was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She requested that her yoga family show up the night before her surgery and chant, pray and bless her in this journey.   I arrived amongst a room packed with yoginis. The energy was
AnaLewis · 2698 days ago

I found this post from a year and a half ago on my blog and thought I would share it here, since it still feels relevant and close to my heart. _____ So many times recently I have sat down to write, only to get my mind moving in a hundred different direc
AnaLewis · 3012 days ago

I practice Kundalini Yoga everyday at about 5ish - 7ish in the morning. Two of my favorite teachers are Ana Brett and Ravi Singh who are kind enough to supply us with some super valuable information and some of the best DVDs for practicing at home. Below
AnaLewis · 3015 days ago

I just stopped.  That was it.  I had a mouthful of clam chowder in my mouth and I had to spit it out.  I had no desire to chew it, smell it, let alone swallow it.  So I didn't.  From that point on - no more flesh.  It was that
AnaLewis · 3076 days ago