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During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
doreenb8 · 2021 days ago

Years ago I had a part time job as a magician’s assistant. During the final act I went into a box and was cut into three pieces. After being put back together, magically I was transformed into Wonder Woman. To say it was difficult changing clothes in a tin
Marta · 2441 days ago

It’s one thing to accept total responsibility for yourself, but there’s far more self-reliance and strength of character involved when you’ve undertaken an adventure nearly two months long, alone, and trekking nearly blind in the vast, cold region of Antar
IntheHeartland · 2538 days ago

Americans persist in telling and retelling the Thanksgiving story. It is a well-meaning celebration of the bounty of the land of the country and thanks to the Native American people who helped the Pilgrims who had newly immigrated. But Thanksgiving is a le
IntheHeartland · 2631 days ago

Life is tough for women in Afghanistan. The lack of childcare may seem like a trivial matter until you consider the need of one mother. Without child care options she has to fly dangerous supply missions to remote areas and disaster zones in a military hel
IntheHeartland · 2664 days ago

  Being on the Verge means listening to my soul. Not only listening to it – really, really hearing it and letting it sing out loud. Releasing it from it's bounds – so it can ring true – even if it can't carry a tune, let it belt out a song with the enthu
AnaLewis · 2683 days ago

  At the age of 61, I’m on the verge of a new career as a novelist. Why did it take me decades to get to the “place” where I could write for publication? Though I reached adulthood during the second wave of feminism—the "Women's Liberation" movement of t
Linda_CL · 2697 days ago

    dreaming of true sisterhood women sharing talk about it to those who care women on the verge   no reason to feel alone hands reach out oceans apart sisters of the heart women on the verge   listen closely and you will hear kindness support laughter a
AnaLewis · 2697 days ago

Bring it on that’s what I have to say You will never stop me not today I’ve moved well on with my life You are still stuck with all that strife. You tried before and I let you slide Because I’m not selfish, I have a healthy pride. These lat
doreenb8 · 2698 days ago

  Lately one of my favorite mottoes has been, “Be the person you want to become - now.” A lot times lately, when I am doing something, I stop and think, is this the person I imagine myself being in one, five, ten years from now? If not, time to step bac
AnaLewis · 2728 days ago

  At 93 Therrell Camille Smith keeps everyone on their toes. She’s still teaching ballet in a school she established 60 plus years ago in her hometown of Washington D.C. Read more about this amazing woman on my blog Living in the Heartland.
IntheHeartland · 2746 days ago

  One summer afternoon in Tucson, my CASA girl and I were driving around in Big Ugly, and she was enjoying a little channel surfing on my car's XM radio.  She hooted and cheered when she figured out that if you turn the channel to 5 – you get music of the
AnaLewis · 2759 days ago

  I stood at the doorway of my oldest child's bedroom on his first birthday and grinned. You could not tell from his bedroom what gender he was. The colors were neutral, bright and bold and chosen for their psychological good – yellow for remembering and
AnaLewis · 2776 days ago

Many young girls dream of owning or just riding horses. But those who dare to become a professional jockey have lots of hard work ahead of them. Rosie Napravnik, 23 finished ninth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby in May. She became the highest-finishing female r
IntheHeartland · 2782 days ago

Healing Between the Genders Recently I saw an old episode of “What Would You Do”, titled “Man Drops Powder in Date's Drink”. and was more than a little disturbed. The episode showed actors being portrayed as a young attractive couple who met on the Inte
AnaLewis · 2789 days ago

My second post and my hands are shaking.  Yack. Yack. Yack. Yackity Yack. Will that cut it? Does it help to know that I've never been more enthralled with a conversation with myself? Nope? Okay. Now what? I’m usually so wordy. What’s going on now?  I se
bookmark_terry · 2828 days ago

In the ring, the 32 year old Mayan Princes moves like a dancer and fights like a man. Lupita Lopez is a Matadora, a female bullfighter. You may not approve of bullfights (those fought in the U.S. are bloodless) yet it is difficult not to recognize her cour
IntheHeartland · 2853 days ago

In our last WOTV radio show, we employed a technique mentioned by Robbie Kaye, in her blog on this month's topic, Healing: Woman to Woman, that she called “passing the talking feather”. Now, I understand this is not a new technique, however, it was new to
AnaLewis · 2888 days ago

  My mother collected recipes like some people collect dolls or knick-knacks. I have volumes of handwritten recipes by her, organized in binders and according to the type of food represented. She had well-organized notebooks for Chinese, Greek, Italian a
AnaLewis · 2900 days ago

A dear yoga teacher of mine was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She requested that her yoga family show up the night before her surgery and chant, pray and bless her in this journey.   I arrived amongst a room packed with yoginis. The energy was
AnaLewis · 2908 days ago

It was overwhelming. It took over my psyche in a way that I would not have anticipated. What was it? Lunch with a Co-Woman on the Verge. Jane Devin and I had planned our lunch at a vegan restaurant on a sunny day in Tucson, Arizona and it was so lovely
AnaLewis · 2909 days ago
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