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I believe that we can learn the best lessons from our pets.  In fact, I call our dog, Cousteau's philosophy, The Zen of Cousteau for a good reason, he's the mellowest dude on the planet.  Here are tips from Cousteau on how to stay cool in the summer.: Tak
AnaLewis · 1809 days ago

I saw a puddle it was fine, A splash or two will make it mine. I’ll leap I’ll jump I’ll make it spray, Splatter and spurt will make fine play. Copyrighted January 28, 2012 It matters not I’m sopping wet, Though I don’t know why they’re upset.
Marta · 2338 days ago

  Desert Living and Water - What is Your Water Footprint?   Living in the Sonoran Desert, I am reminded every single day, how precious water is. It is dry here. So dry, that sometimes the ground is cracking in my garden, and on the skin on my
AnaLewis · 2808 days ago

I believe that the things you need come to you when you need them the most, and Cami's "29-Day Giving Challenge" is no exception.   A year ago my family's life was turned upside down. Two days before Christmas my partner went into work and was told
SueBraiden · 3160 days ago