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I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.”The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!”It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.”This year I discovered how important other wom
IntheHeartland · 2360 days ago

In order to break the cycle of girls growing into women who see their worth in terms of image, we need to talk to them about what really makes them beautiful. Read more about author Lisa Bloom’s advice to women about talking to girls on my Living in the He
IntheHeartland · 2385 days ago

    The word vagina is derived from Latin and technically means “sheath for a sword.” In this case, I am guessing the sword is a penis.     Is our thinking still antiquated? Is our vagina truly ours? Is our female sexuality seen predominantly in terms
AnaLewis · 2458 days ago

It feels more than a little ironic to me that living in Tucson, Arizona and with the recent tragedy that occurred here (with our local Congresswoman being shot at along with 19 others), while our monthly topic in Women on the Verge is “Angry Woman Quiet Wo
AnaLewis · 2718 days ago

Thank you for visiting our community, Women on the Verge.  We are so pleased with its recent re-vamp for the new year, and we invite to you to check it out and join us. It's a fabulous global community and we are very excited about the upcoming year - whi
AnaLewis · 2719 days ago

One of the problems I have had through the years in achieving goals, is brain clutter. I think that I am not alone. How do we get rid of the brain clutter and focus in order to reach the goals that are truly important to us? I read a recent article abou
AnaLewis · 2896 days ago

Family - Heritage - Resolve These are the words used by Pamela Ferris-Olson in our panel discussion on the Minority Women in Leadership radio show. She used the words, family, heritage and resolve to express this as the common foundation for minority wom
AnaLewis · 2942 days ago

We had so much fun on the WOTV Radio Show.  Thank you to our member guests:  Dawn RiversBaker, Elianne Ramos and Pamela Ferris-Olson  for the wonderful discussion and vibrant time.  I had more fun than I imagined!Listen to the show: Wom
AnaLewis · 2943 days ago