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I believe that we can learn the best lessons from our pets.  In fact, I call our dog, Cousteau's philosophy, The Zen of Cousteau for a good reason, he's the mellowest dude on the planet.  Here are tips from Cousteau on how to stay cool in the summer.: Tak
AnaLewis · 1809 days ago

During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
doreenb8 · 1811 days ago

Ready to shed your winter “skin” (parkas, gloves, mittens)? It’s the time of year to make sure your real skin springs to life with a healthy glow. And, best of all, prepping skin for spring doesn’t have to burn through your wallet.
Megan · 3001 days ago

This Spring Break Beauty checklist can help you get ready to hit the beach, pool or just help you get in the mood for spring... • Try a Sun Glow Body Treatment to get your skin swim suit ready - includes full body exfoliation and streak & UV
Megan · 3034 days ago

With spring just around the corner, comes the beloved flip-flop and pedicure season. The sensation of having beautifully painted toes sometimes is thwarted when women realize they have left their open toed shoes at home and are provided with
Megan · 3060 days ago