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#Kindness is the Word August 31, 2012 One of the main focuses here in WOTV community, is to showcase true sisterhood via our daily actions.  We are going to spend our birthday month of September doing exactly that.  Here's how: 1. Throughout the mont
admin · 2115 days ago

  Simple things bring happiness. When I realize this, I have my best days. Those little things that stroke our souls and make us smile – imagine carving out a portion of every day to include them. A day without yoga or movement for me means I may be stif
AnaLewis · 2181 days ago

I wrote a poem called Invisibility, it is in my new book A Poet's Journey: Emotions. I wrote it because so very much of my life I have felt invisible. People tell me that I stand out and shine, yet in my heart I am hiding.   I came to the verge at the sugg
Marta · 2206 days ago

  June is here and with it comes a new topic for us to dive into. This month's topic is called, “No Room to Hide”.  The plan is that we will come face-to-face with our vulnerabilities and courageously be okay with them. Personally, I can tell you, I am
AnaLewis · 2208 days ago

  Why is it so easy to look at the people around me and so easily see their super power, while at the same time, I am challenged to see my own?   No matter how many times someone tells me that I am wonderful, I have this little voice of doubt rise up insid
AnaLewis · 2240 days ago

This month of sisterhood has taken me through the depth and breadth of what women can be to each other and what they should not be. Next weekend I will be flying up to say goodbye to my sister, who is dying of cancer. The doctors have given her maybe a few
Marta · 2277 days ago

  I will be your friend always, no gaps, no forgettings. Not until the mountains are worn away, and the rivers are nothing but sand and rocks, not until it thunders and lightning comes in winter or until it snows in the summer, or until heaven and earth ar
bookmark_terry · 2288 days ago

As you may know, I recently became the executive director of a small, innovative, nonprofit in Seattle. Of course we have BIG goals, a BIG plan, and a BIG vision. Have I mentioned that I am the only staff person? Everyday I am reminded that realizing our s
JudyKinney · 2296 days ago

Will we be sisters? Will we be friends? Can we break the chains? Of stereotype. Let jealousy go, Hold each other, Delight in triumph, Bury the hatchet. Honoring us all, With caring ways, Forgo backstabbing, Replace it with
Marta · 2299 days ago

I’m not ready to lose my sister, Not one kind, nor gentle part of her, The years of memories wash through me. The world will lose such intelligence, Laughter, gaiety and kindness too, When her light is gone and flame burned out. I want
Marta · 2299 days ago

  I was born a dreamer, believing that we could be more. I believed and still do in a kinder gentler world. In a place where people are raised to be thoughtful of each other and to see how their actions might affect the other person. Call me naive if you
Marta · 2299 days ago

  Sisterhood. When one doesn't have a sister, yet yearns for one, it seems like such a vast word. But, in all honesty, it was the conceptual word behind the beginnings of Women on the Verge. It is the root. The core. The foundation. And ultimately,
AnaLewis · 2300 days ago

Freeing myself from within is a huge job for me.  I have been working on it, on different levels, for decades. Still, I find comfort in words that, at once, reveal and guide me through the seemingly endless maze. This poem always helps stoke my inner power
bookmark_terry · 2315 days ago

Our place is buzzing with excitement about Changing the World in 2012.  We're up every morning supping on a special green drink, much like the one Dr. Oz recommends.  We jog in the living room and do push-ups. Yes! We are amped to do our part in this New Y
bookmark_terry · 2344 days ago

I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.”The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!”It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.”This year I discovered how important other wom
IntheHeartland · 2356 days ago

  Being on the Verge means listening to my soul. Not only listening to it – really, really hearing it and letting it sing out loud. Releasing it from it's bounds – so it can ring true – even if it can't carry a tune, let it belt out a song with the enthu
AnaLewis · 2469 days ago

    dreaming of true sisterhood women sharing talk about it to those who care women on the verge   no reason to feel alone hands reach out oceans apart sisters of the heart women on the verge   listen closely and you will hear kindness support laughter a
AnaLewis · 2483 days ago

  Mothers     I believe that every woman is a mother, whether it is a biological child, an adopted child, a friend, a sister, the mother of a dog or cat or pet or plant…. She is a mother.
Robbie · 2601 days ago

The Real (Online) Me By Rebecca Rasmussen   My husband walked in the front door yesterday to find me hunched over my laptop on the sofa, squinting at a glaring white screen in a quickly darkening room. He turned on the lamp and set down his bags
Rebecca · 2720 days ago

    Sexy! Carmelina Vargas is definitely that and more as she sings and sways in her music video Love: "Turn off the lights. Take off our clothes. The rest is for no one to know... The 20 something-year-old Latina is an enchantress. It doesn't
IntheHeartland · 2879 days ago

  Question: Suppose you are the only adult around when a child begins to drown in a swimming pool. There are other children nearby, but they are too young to help. You see nothing in the pool area you can use to help the child. She is beyond your rea
IntheHeartland · 2945 days ago