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It's tempting to tell my own rape story but I won't. I will only say that I was 14 years old. I didn't tell the police. I didn't tell my mother. I only told the friend who accompanied me when I went looking for him with a large kitchen knife. I didn't find
DawnRRivers · 1953 days ago

  Yesterday, I met Ana Lewis of Women on the Verge for the first time. It was an honor. She is as amazing as her mission. We laughed a lot, got serious about some subjects, and spent four hours over breakfast. This does not happen often. Of course, one o
destinyallison · 1958 days ago

  Warning: Please read with caution, triggering.     Silent Turmoil   The front door shut with a loud bang. So, he was home then. I tried to ignore the queasy feeling bubbling up in my stomach. I stood by the sink washing up the kids plates from lunchtime,
Ebby · 2171 days ago

A year ago I wrote a story on my use of anti-depressant drugs and my experiences in the mental health system.   My subsequent choice against anti-depressants has led me into a different arena–the criminal justice system.   Last February, I made several pol
bookmark_terry · 2249 days ago

I don't understand this, lots more I don't understand but...   It was just a few slaps. That’s OK then?   Heard today, the actor who admitted to slapping his ex-wife. "I couldn't handle the fact she was a strong woman," he said. The ex-wife, an actress who
Elle · 2287 days ago

  I am a feminist, to me,woman = feminist. Feminism means different things to people. For me,it just means respecting women as much as men and thus giving women the same rights and opportunities as men. There are some women out there giving the wrong id
Elle · 2302 days ago

I cannot wait until this month is over and NOT so I no longer have to think of something to write involving sex. It is mainly because next month; November 8th to be exact is the release date of my very first book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble .com here I c
doreenb8 · 2433 days ago

What could be better in a loving relationship than being in tune with each other. I think in all the recent posts about sex and others as well ,stereotypes have been blown to the side. I loath stereotypes, I claim my right to be different. We all are and
Elle · 2438 days ago

In the cascading desire of new love, my now husband and I were on a quest to “do it” as many times as possible in the shortest period of time. Craving, anticipating each meeting between us, I believed he could, would happily perform on demand. This idea o
Karen-Monroy · 2439 days ago

To me sex is linked to love. I wouldn't engage in sex without love and a strong connection. Everybody is free to do what they want as long as they're not hurting anybody, that's my personal choice. Two people are in love, they're kissing. What's wrong with
Elle · 2442 days ago

Let's talk about sex, baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be   Remember that song from Salt 'n' Pepa? OK, so I'm one of those people who can't hear one thing without relating it to a song. It
Elle · 2446 days ago

A few months ago, I was having some trouble sleeping so I clicked on the television. It was a commercial, appeared to be some sort of doctor’s office and two young women sitting next to each were discussing, the new Trojan Vibrating Pulse. I shook my head
doreenb8 · 2447 days ago

  At the beginning of every month, I make a commitment to myself to fully be in every topic. This has proven to be quite beneficial to me, in my growth. With that endeavor in mind, I chose to focus at the beginning of this month, while our topic is “Real
AnaLewis · 2447 days ago

In my early 30's, I remember reading Circle of Stones, a book about women and rites of passage and ritual.  It discusses even celebrating a young woman's first period... with flowers and a special lunch... and a tribute to a father taking out his young dau
Robbie · 2447 days ago

How good of a receiver are you? One of life's gifts is the pleasure senses of the body. But what do you do with these gifts? Have you ever made the connection between being a good receiver and experiencing  the Divine Union taught in the Kama Sutra? Mo
Karen-Monroy · 2447 days ago

Writing about sex is like writing about my entire life.  It was never taught to me as a sacred practice, so it was never sacred... not until the last 10-15 years or so of my life and after I was introduced to tantric sexual practices.  My sexuality is defi
Robbie · 2450 days ago

Sure you know about sex. But have you ever really asked, “What is sex for?” Pleasure (or potential pleasure) might be the obvious answer. Procreation might be another. But if you sit with this question a bit longer, you’ll notice there's more to sex than
Karen-Monroy · 2453 days ago

I grew up in a funny way. Nudity was not something to seen or shared. My mother was very prim and proper, although I did discover another side to her after her death. I got conflicting messages all throughout my childhood. We spent a lot of time in France
Elle · 2455 days ago

Last week Rihanna was told to cover up by the farmer in which field she was filming her latest clip. At first I hadn't heard the whole story but then found out she was actually topless. As far as I'm concerned she can take the lot off if she so desires. Co
Elle · 2456 days ago

    The word vagina is derived from Latin and technically means “sheath for a sword.” In this case, I am guessing the sword is a penis.     Is our thinking still antiquated? Is our vagina truly ours? Is our female sexuality seen predominantly in terms
AnaLewis · 2459 days ago

Have you ever wanted something SO much you were willing to wait however long it took? Well, Keiko Fukuda waited almost 80 years to realizing her dream. At the age of 98 Keiko Fukuda became the first woman to achieve a tenth-degree black belt in Judo. The p
IntheHeartland · 2503 days ago
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