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I believe that we can learn the best lessons from our pets.  In fact, I call our dog, Cousteau's philosophy, The Zen of Cousteau for a good reason, he's the mellowest dude on the planet.  Here are tips from Cousteau on how to stay cool in the summer.: Tak
AnaLewis · 1808 days ago

I hope you will stop by my blog,honeylazar.blogspot.com, and meet Aunt Ruth.   Six years ago, I asked Aunt Ruth if I could photograph her for a book.  I have no idea where the notion of "book" came from, because I just wanted to take her pictures as a way
honey · 2265 days ago

I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely Robbie Kaye. Robbie’s love of beauty and ability to find it in the most unusual places; brings joy and color into our lives. Her Beauty of Wisdom project is a tribute to all of life.Thank you Robbie for shar
Marta · 2441 days ago

    Naomi sent me a message. She asked: "What I would like to know, is when you are trying to get a paid gig online, how do you find out if it is legitimate? And if they refuse to pay you at some point, what can be done about that. Most of us cannot a
IntheHeartland · 2887 days ago