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I can't believe it! May 8th, the day we moved into the apartment, 2013 began the first year of the four year plan. So we are now into our second year and pretty much on track. Finances still need work but everything else is falling into place.  The basic o
granolagirl · 1410 days ago

I did a three part series called Help Change the World. It can be found here. I wanted to share my thoughts of how all of us can help to change the world one child at a time. I also want to share this from my recent newsletter: We all want something out of
Michele · 1931 days ago

Our interview is a blog talk radio feature today! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefirstbornsonshow/2012/08/25/marriage-divorce-step-parents-and-blended-families
Michele · 2060 days ago

Being a mom means wearing so many different hats sometimes in the space of an hour. Being a work at home, homeschooling mom ads a few more hats but to me is so worth it. Now I have to add a hat to my collection. Recently my husband passed away unexpectedly
granolagirl · 2234 days ago

Back when I was first making the decision to quit practicing law and do, well, anything other than work in a law firm, I spent A LOT of time agonizing over what my "purpose" was. "If money was no object, what would you do?" I remember being asked, "what's
Hegemommy · 2312 days ago

In order to break the cycle of girls growing into women who see their worth in terms of image, we need to talk to them about what really makes them beautiful. Read more about author Lisa Bloom’s advice to women about talking to girls on my Living in the He
IntheHeartland · 2320 days ago

Just in time for the holidays! The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting - Essential Tips on: Communicating & Bonding; Combining Families; and More! This book is a great stocking stuffer for those considering marriage to someone with children or those that are alrea
Michele · 2334 days ago

It's not the being that is hard, it is the becoming. It's being on the verge.What am I on the verge of? Everything. Nothing. All of it at once.No, these are not fortunes from a cookie, or daily meditations sent from my emailed horoscope. These are truths e
Hegemommy · 2408 days ago

You would think that as a feminist I'd have plenty to say about this month's topic of "healing between genders."  Surely I am stocked full of examples of gender essentialism gone wrong, or exercises that help build understanding and community between the s
Hegemommy · 2502 days ago

Many young girls dream of owning or just riding horses. But those who dare to become a professional jockey have lots of hard work ahead of them. Rosie Napravnik, 23 finished ninth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby in May. She became the highest-finishing female r
IntheHeartland · 2507 days ago

It was a good day today.  I have been fighting with a bit of depression but it could just be a touch of flu.  I'm not sure. I have been so exhausted. I hoped to write more about May's topic before now but the words have not been flowing.  In fact, I've bee
bookmark_terry · 2515 days ago

Ana's post got me thinking last night. She wrote, 'they used to be called housewives,' a fab post. It was the 'used to' that I couldn't get out of my mind. Does that mean this term is now redundant in America? I ask, because it's certainly not the case in
Elle · 2519 days ago

So many of us have encountered abuse. So many of us have buried their wounds deep inside. Children are afraid, they daren't talk or they rebel, they run away, try and kill themselves. We all run away somehow. I mostly retreated in my imagination, believing
Elle · 2522 days ago

About two days ago, I realized that I was avoiding this blog.  No. It wasn't because I felt like a prisoner to it, nor was it due to an evaporation of all ideas.  I stayed clear due to the topic: Mother's Day.  I honour this day so much!  However, this is
bookmark_terry · 2522 days ago

I’ve spent a great deal of my 6+years as a mother making peace with my own troubled relationship with my mom, a fact I doubt places me in a different position than countless other women.  The process has been one of starting and stopping, largely because m
Hegemommy · 2530 days ago

Attitudes towards breastfeeding vary widely depending where you live and who your friends are. I was not breastfed. I didn't know anyone who did breastfeed. I had no role model, apart from knowing I did not want to inflict the same childhood I had on my ch
Elle · 2531 days ago

I guess I'll officially declare that this will be Ricky month. What follows is another oldie-but-goodie. About a decade before he was longing for a golden penis sheath to show off in the locker room, he was entertaining me in other, more innocent ways. I
DawnRRivers · 2558 days ago

I'm back in school. I have returned to an institution of higher learning so that I can receive the benefit of an improved mind and increased access to information. For example, if I hadn't gone back to school, I would never have heard the tale of the Golde
DawnRRivers · 2565 days ago

  Brian had slammed the front door with such force on his way out, it bounced back open. Deb, overcome by the tidal wave of his ignorance, fell against the perpetual pile of stuff in the dining room. “Where are you going? Brian! Don’t leave! Brian! Brian!
Karen-Monroy · 2617 days ago

  Every morning, I’d been waking to the beauty of spring unfolding. Cherry blossoms, orange blossoms, and the songbird symphony. Smiles from my son, his natural joy sprinkled life as we moved through our day. Deb woke to a house shuttered against the ligh
Karen-Monroy · 2619 days ago

Filthy dishes rose like a volcano out of the sink and overflowed to the counters, tempting me to judge Deb. My skin crawled at the mess. How was it possible to not care about the clutter and the crusted old food remnants now being feasted upon by flies? A
Karen-Monroy · 2626 days ago
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