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I did a three part series called Help Change the World. It can be found here. I wanted to share my thoughts of how all of us can help to change the world one child at a time. I also want to share this from my recent newsletter: We all want something out of
Michele · 1996 days ago

Living in an able-bodied worldAnd I am a disable-bodied girlYou know that we are living in an able-bodied world And I am a disabled-bodied girl(modified lyrics to Madonna's Material Girl)       Most of us understand and accept that the world is an impe
IntheHeartland · 2916 days ago

Pushby Sapphire Made into the movie, Precious     "I big, I talk, I eats, I cooks, I laugh, watch TV, do what my muver say. But I can see when the picture comes back I don't exist." This is the voice of Precious, a 16 year old girl from H
AnaLewis · 3084 days ago

Movies. Some are worth seeing twice. Some might even be worth seeing three times. Too many aren't worth seeing at all. Now me -- I like movies that tell a story I can believe. A story that says to me, "This is real," even when I know it isn't. A story so w
AnnPietrangelo · 3139 days ago