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Love this! A café in Cheltenham, Gloucetershire (UK) offers a break to breastfeeding mothers. A positive story offering a smile when all you seem to hear is negative reactions to breastfeeding. A reminder also that it is illegal to discriminate against bre
Elle · 1488 days ago

She is tender and warm. Arrives on a morning-fresh Without light knock or bell Like a whiff of tea and toast Upon a hot summer breeze. She is tender and warm. We perch on auburn-dabbed cliffs, shoulder against shoulder Study each other sideways Relax, with
bookmark_terry · 1891 days ago

When I had my first baby I'd never heard of attached parenting. I had no role model either.   I just did what felt right. For instance I knew I wanted to breastfeed as soon as I got pregnant. It felt natural, yet, I didn't know anybody who had. The few ba
Elle · 2276 days ago

It's not the being that is hard, it is the becoming. It's being on the verge.What am I on the verge of? Everything. Nothing. All of it at once.No, these are not fortunes from a cookie, or daily meditations sent from my emailed horoscope. These are truths e
Hegemommy · 2526 days ago

Lynn Doyle, a talk show host for Comcast is doing a show for the 91st anniversary of ‘Women’s Equality Day.’ She has posed the question, “Does a woman’s choice to marry and motherhood limit her chances to be equal?” I have been pondering this question fo
doreenb8 · 2543 days ago

I am thinking today of some forgotten women. It is because of my ‘day’ job that I am thinking of these women, who at one time in history were good wives, daughters, sisters and friends to someone. Some of them have blazed the path for all of us, and becam
doreenb8 · 2557 days ago

I have been listening to the words spoken to me and others throughout my life. I am both blessed and cursed with the ability to remember clearly the way things happened or were. Many times I have wished to forget a particular incident, yet no matter how
Marta · 2573 days ago

Ana's post got me thinking last night. She wrote, 'they used to be called housewives,' a fab post. It was the 'used to' that I couldn't get out of my mind. Does that mean this term is now redundant in America? I ask, because it's certainly not the case in
Elle · 2636 days ago

So many of us have encountered abuse. So many of us have buried their wounds deep inside. Children are afraid, they daren't talk or they rebel, they run away, try and kill themselves. We all run away somehow. I mostly retreated in my imagination, believing
Elle · 2639 days ago

I’ve spent a great deal of my 6+years as a mother making peace with my own troubled relationship with my mom, a fact I doubt places me in a different position than countless other women.  The process has been one of starting and stopping, largely because m
Hegemommy · 2647 days ago

Today, I traveled a little over 20 miles with my youngest son and his alto saxophone in order for him to participate in the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) solo festival. He performed there (solo: The Hunter's Chorus, scales and sightreadi
DawnRRivers · 2649 days ago

  I’m thinking about different kinds mothers. Gil lost her daughter Morgan about 18 months ago. Morgan was murdered—and most likely, brutally raped before she was murdered. Her murderer dumped her body in a farmer’s field in Virginia. I can only imagine
Karen-Monroy · 2653 days ago

"I've done my job well if you don't need me any more."  That's the goal of all teachers, and of course, all mothers are teachers. I don't think it's in our gene's to stop needing our mothers. Maybe that should be stop wanting our mothers? My mom died almo
Karen-Monroy · 2654 days ago

  I hope all of you had a great day yesterday.  It wasn't Mother Day for us here, we celebrate mothers on another day. I read this post yesterday: http://animatedwriting.blogspot.com/2011/05/what-kind-of-mother.html The author of this post questions what
Elle · 2655 days ago

Long Distance Mothers I live 3000 miles away from my mother and see her maybe twice a year.  It's funny how things turn around with time...and before you know it, you wish you were closer so you could share some of those moments that you now realize are pr
Robbie · 2657 days ago

  Mothers     I believe that every woman is a mother, whether it is a biological child, an adopted child, a friend, a sister, the mother of a dog or cat or pet or plant…. She is a mother.
Robbie · 2658 days ago

She is my biggest cheerleader and can throw down truth on the mat like nobody's business.  My childhood picture of my mother would be framed in summertime.  She'd be reading in a plastic-weaved lawn chair, stack of books at her side, with her navy wooden-s
JennyleefromTN · 2660 days ago

My mother died when I was a teenager. Many years have passed but I'm still learning about her, not from family or friends. When she married my father she distanced herself from the only friend she had and there is no family. My mother is still a mystery to
Elle · 2660 days ago

It wasn't so very long ago that I decided that, even if I never manage to accomplish anything else of significance in my life, I can truthfully say that my life was not wasted because I have been a Good Mother.I remembered that conviction even more recentl
DawnRRivers · 2742 days ago

  If you are a mother, there is a leader in you. You may or may not have developed or exercised the leader in you, but rest assured that she is in there. You have influence on the thoughts and actions of others. It is the purpose of Mommy Leadership
MommyLeader · 2957 days ago

Thank you to our members: Kadi Prescott, Jessica Pieklo and Elle Sharpe for being a wonderful panel on MOTHERS ON THE VERGE, today on the Women on the Verge Radio Show.We laughed a lot, which shows me that being a mom and building a career or a business at
AnaLewis · 2988 days ago
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