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Remember the laughs? The good times, the bad times Thrown together  A friend of a friend Somehow we stuck together I couldn't understand the jibes I still can't Prejudice and ignorance They made you feel ashamed You didn't want to be you It still pains m
Elle · 1556 days ago

  It was the sort of awakening that occurs when a phone’s ring interrupts a deep sleep–the kind that if needed, propels one into motion, only there was no phone ringing, I simply felt called. Less than 20 minutes later I was checking in with the night secu
Elin · 1839 days ago

During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
doreenb8 · 1928 days ago

This is a fictional piece which captures the persona of a woman whose life and spirit I admire and value so much.     Multi-faceted, passionately aloof woman, lover of foreign accents (or bad copies of same), known to do stand-up comedy in front of doze
bookmark_terry · 2028 days ago

Dear Women on the Verge Community, For those of you I have had the honor to come to know, you are aware that the bulk of my work is dedicated to teen relationship awareness with an emphasis on preventing relationship abuse. This year I have been really str
Elin · 2055 days ago

  Before I saw your face or touched your fur I heard your cries for help, longing for love So loud your anguish I knew where to go So deep your despair you didn’t know me   For a home of your own, all hope was gone Tossed out by family to fend for yoursel
Marta · 2090 days ago

When the stress got too much And the burden too great A dream I created To help me through life The black hole was too deep To my soul it did go For myself I had lost Clinging tightly to life http://www.martamoranbishop.com/10/post/2012/12/the-car
Marta · 2136 days ago

I saw you while you watched your love But a moment it was, a glance I seized like a common thief, snapping a photo without permission. As soon as I did, guilt left me stricken. You’re an opportunist, I thought, Always sniffing out the raw, the real, Feathe
bookmark_terry · 2159 days ago

Kindness is in your eyes The touch of your hands Sweet breath of life given Heartfelt hope is shown A smile and a laugh Shared merriment too Nice are the words you speak Gentle is your touch Encompassing soul The fire in your eyes Is joy brough
Marta · 2161 days ago

Loving ones country isn’t about which political party, religion, race, or gender you are or belong to. It isn’t about whether you were able to serve in the military or not. It isn’t about whether you are from the upper 1%, the middle class, or the poor.
Marta · 2168 days ago

I care not what your race is for we all come from the same foundation. I care not what religion you practice, for all paths lead to the same source. http://www.martamoranbishop.com/3/post/2012/10/what-do-you-care-about.html    
Marta · 2190 days ago

Dear body of mine, Haven't you and I struggled? We became enemies. I know it's not your fault, you just grew, did what you were supposed to do. But boy, did I hate those looks, the old perverts who wanted a slice of you. They made me feel dirty, I wanted t
Elle · 2196 days ago

What a day it's been. What a week, a month, it never stops. Today I did something I never expected to do. I've been strutting my stuff. Ahem. I won't say much more. If you follow a certain S.E. Lauran on Facebook, you'll know more than enough. Thanks dear!
Elle · 2202 days ago

I am not a big fan of keeping animals in confinement. Our horses are free to run in their fields able to come and go from their stalls at will. We feed them, love them, and tend their hurts. Our cats do not go outside; there are too many humans who delight
Marta · 2259 days ago

A few weeks ago a woman knocked on our door. She wanted to confess that her fiancée had driven her into our driveway and parked in order for her to visit with our horses. They had just found out that he had an incurable rare lung disease. The only thing po
Marta · 2259 days ago

I cannot go through this month talking about furbabies without telling you about the Cavalia. It is produced by the same people who gave us Cirque Du Soleil. There is nothing that I have ever seen that can come close to showing the depth of the bond that i
Marta · 2259 days ago

A few months ago I read this quote, “Just when things look like they are falling apart, they may actually be falling together. During stormy times we sometimes feel like we are losing everything. Maybe this stormy time is waking us to something better.” I
Marta · 2274 days ago

Funny, in the month here on the Verge, when we are to talk about the mean girl stereotype I am all done talking. I have lived with it far too long and divorced it from my life. If it is a family member, who is the culprit I have removed them from my life
Marta · 2280 days ago

So much has happened over the last few years, that I sometimes find that I am reeling. Trying to hold on to tightly to what I have, for fear it also will be lost. In the space of two years, I lost my fiancée of twenty years, the week before the wedding.
Marta · 2289 days ago

I hope you will stop by my blog,honeylazar.blogspot.com, and meet Aunt Ruth.   Six years ago, I asked Aunt Ruth if I could photograph her for a book.  I have no idea where the notion of "book" came from, because I just wanted to take her pictures as a way
honey · 2384 days ago

This month of sisterhood has taken me through the depth and breadth of what women can be to each other and what they should not be. Next weekend I will be flying up to say goodbye to my sister, who is dying of cancer. The doctors have given her maybe a few
Marta · 2399 days ago
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