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Trash tv, just what the doctor ordered. Well, I'm not a fan of television, but... What do you do you do when you have no energy? I want to get up and do but there's no vava voom. So what then?   Anyway, last night I couldn't sleep. Neither could my daughte
Elle · 2252 days ago

  Some days it's more difficult to find that space in your heart for laughter than others, putting the guard down and letting your laughter ring can be a challenge.   I am aiming here to help you cheat your way to laughing. Let someone else's cleverness m
AnaLewis · 2266 days ago

  Big Ugly and Me   He's a heavy drinker And carries a belly A family man Even has his own telly   He's luxuriously soft And bountifully tasteful Yet his habits – are awful And that makes him wasteful   He's a source of trouble You can't help it, it's true
AnaLewis · 2611 days ago

  There once was a Woman on the Verge Whose dreams were so bright, they did surge Untethered by rules Her friends were her jewels And together, their hopes would emerge   The Woman on the Verge was named Hope For president she ran, then for pope Her heart
AnaLewis · 2617 days ago

"Throw back your shoulders and don't look down."    Solid girlfriend advice for a wearing a bikini around.   I confidently pose and feel out of place,   looking around for a friendly face.   A dear friend arrives and glances my way.   She's always the one
JennyleefromTN · 2619 days ago

  Multi-tasking Mom is officially a swear word.   You know Dory, the fish from “Finding Nemo?”    I’m her.   My short-term memory has short-circuited.   For instance, last Sunday I rushed through helping make jewelry for the Thrift Store/Food Pantry holi
JennyleefromTN · 2628 days ago

    The Stain There once was a stain on the bed Mysterious, untrustworthy and dead We poked and we prodded We questioned and plotted Our findings, they filled us with dread We turned on the light Examined our plight Oh damn, we wished it was red Ana Lewis
AnaLewis · 2630 days ago

  Sometimes you just have to use your instincts when living among deadly plants and animals in the desert. This is the story of one of those times.   One late spring weekend, my girlfriends and I gathered for our annual slumber party at a beautiful upscal
AnaLewis · 2632 days ago

  The ice cream stand Is unlike a pose Hardly a vogue A stance I suppose A foot can be crossed Or out like a kick Tongue out and perched And ready to lick Head may be tilted With hand on the hip It makes for quick rescue When chasing a drip Proud lik
Robbie · 2633 days ago

  Disclaimer: This is very, very bad poetry and not for children.  Read at you own peril.Hot HeadedOnce upon a soup is our taleThe way to a man's heart without failChicken, tomatillos, lime and riceRoasted hot peppers and plenty of spiceThe resulting conco
AnaLewis · 2635 days ago

 Old pictures.  There is nothing quite like the nostalgia, or the horror, of childhood family photos.  Usually an episode of laughing until you have tears rolling down your face is involved in this visual trip down memory lane.   An indignant mother is too
JennyleefromTN · 2635 days ago