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It’s one thing to accept total responsibility for yourself, but there’s far more self-reliance and strength of character involved when you’ve undertaken an adventure nearly two months long, alone, and trekking nearly blind in the vast, cold region of Antar
IntheHeartland · 2325 days ago

The saying goes: You can’t fool Mother Earth. Those who think they can will have to contend with Vandana Shiva. Shiva is an environmental activist who has won numerous international awards for her three decades of work to protect natural resources and prom
IntheHeartland · 2470 days ago

I think about the brave things women do, from not faking an orgasm to trying to work and raise children. I think about the day-in, day-out, mind-numbing tasks we perform and how happy and content women can be regardless of how numb the mind becomes at ti
Karen-Monroy · 2506 days ago

Who says girls aren’t good in math and science? Jean Bartik was a brain-ENIAC. She was one of six unsung heroines who helped lead the world into the computer age. There weren’t many career options available to this woman who was born in 1927. Jean was obv
IntheHeartland · 2604 days ago

   Thinking about personal heroines I'm taken back in time to the ones I read about in books and whose very essence and character overcame obstacles and problematic issues. Always a dreamer, they seemed as real as people in my life who at times seemed more
ChezBlanche · 2639 days ago

This seems easy to write for I have always thought of myself as a heroine from almost the moments I remember of significance like traveling up a winding road to Washington state and noticing my young 3 year old brother had crawled out of the 1949 year old
ChezBlanche · 2639 days ago

In the ring, the 32 year old Mayan Princes moves like a dancer and fights like a man. Lupita Lopez is a Matadora, a female bullfighter. You may not approve of bullfights (those fought in the U.S. are bloodless) yet it is difficult not to recognize her cour
IntheHeartland · 2640 days ago

  Sometimes you simply have to be your own best heroine. Today was one of those days for me. Our weather in Tucson, AZ has been absolutely divine lately, and I was having a bad case of spring fever. What to do when you only feel like playing outside and
AnaLewis · 2641 days ago

Women’s military service extends to a wide range of capacities, even in combat areas. Many have lost their lives, limbs, even been recognized as heroines. Yet, only one woman – Ann Dunwoody – has been promoted to Four Star General. Why is that? Are militar
IntheHeartland · 2652 days ago

OK, so this is not easy, writing about the hero in you. I suffer from the well-known British reserve. What, I asked myself, can I bring on this subject. Thinking about it, I realise we are all heroes. We all have our up and downs, it's how we react to them
Elle · 2658 days ago

It all started about 6 years ago. The pain in my head focused on the left temple and felt like a knife being driven into my head in a steady pulsing pattern. Light and sound made it worse and I was nauseous. After three days of lying in a dark quiet room w
adrea · 2659 days ago

Yesterday, Today, and Beyond Some days it seems like yesterday that I defined myself as my mother’s friend and caregiver. I worked 50 hours a week at whatever job I could find. Sometimes two or three were needed in rough economies, when full time jobs were
Marta · 2664 days ago

Last July I hit a bump in the freeway of life. My mammogram revealed lumps, small but needing a biopsy. Test conclusions: I needed to have two lumps removed, one from each breast.  The surgeon said, “Wow you are lucky, easy to get to the lumps and no signs
Karen-Monroy · 2667 days ago

  She first got in my car with her headset on and a book in her hand. No way was she going to allow me to connect with her. No way was she going to let me in. Then I asked her to pop her music on in my car so we could both hear it – and she lit up. Fr
AnaLewis · 2668 days ago

  In the shadow of the ninth anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City and serious damage to the Pentagon in Virginia, in the wake of a continuing war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, and ignited by a threat of a pu
IntheHeartland · 2841 days ago

Ana Gonzales Lewis (right) and her daughter Joli   Children's stories often have magical folk. Sometimes they offer the heroine three wishes. I've often thought about how best I'd use those wishes. As a wise woman I knew that my first wish would be
IntheHeartland · 2859 days ago

How would you react if you 16-year-old daughter said she was going to sail around the world on her own? That's what Jessica Watson told her parents. Jessica recently became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted when
IntheHeartland · 2938 days ago

Recently a dear friend of mine posed the question, if you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?  This simple question got me thinking of all of the super powers I would love to have. Think of these amazing powers: - Everywhere I wo
AnaLewis · 3039 days ago