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"A protective wrap keeps the newspaper dry while it's being delivered. But how do you keep it dry while it's being read?"—John Dumas When the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy broke on December 14, 2012, it shook us to the core and ever si
Elin · 2172 days ago

  The day we met, class was starting and I faced you, sat opposite you in circle. You were not shy about showing people, you said. Still, you weren’t speaking to me and I had not ventured out into the world since my brother died. I was shy, nervous, my bal
bookmark_terry · 2198 days ago

A few weeks ago a woman knocked on our door. She wanted to confess that her fiancée had driven her into our driveway and parked in order for her to visit with our horses. They had just found out that he had an incurable rare lung disease. The only thing po
Marta · 2320 days ago

This is the last time I will tell this story.   I need my mother’s love.   I knew this all of my life and It is still true today.   I need my mother’s love.   She was beautiful and I would have told her so if I wasn’t so afraid she’d hit me.   I need my mo
bookmark_terry · 2417 days ago

  Slashing became a part of my life at 21. Shocking behavior, some might think, but not so to me. I'd been two decades in a severely-dysfunctional family and I could only guess at what healthy was. Cutting and hurting myself gave me a strange sense of elat
bookmark_terry · 2424 days ago

I am reprinting several articles I wrote in the late 80s and early 90s. All of these are true stories. In fact, the things that happened to me, chose my life's mission--to fight against all kinds of violence against women, in particular, rape, incest and t
bookmark_terry · 2424 days ago

All names are changed to protect the guilty.  This was a second gang rape.   Dear Tom,   I’m sure you remember me. We both lived in the same town at one time and you and I were in the same grade school. You know my family. You remember me.   But, of
bookmark_terry · 2424 days ago

  Some days it's more difficult to find that space in your heart for laughter than others, putting the guard down and letting your laughter ring can be a challenge.   I am aiming here to help you cheat your way to laughing. Let someone else's cleverness m
AnaLewis · 2451 days ago

  Ah to laugh at one’s self, is the most freeing thing we can do as people. It probably supersedes anything else that makes us different then many of life’s creatures or that is at least what we have been told. I love to laugh at myself, I can truly be a
Marta · 2452 days ago

I don't understand this, lots more I don't understand but...   It was just a few slaps. That’s OK then?   Heard today, the actor who admitted to slapping his ex-wife. "I couldn't handle the fact she was a strong woman," he said. The ex-wife, an actress who
Elle · 2465 days ago

  If only I had known How tough it would be to be jump-started daily by a vacuum cleaner hose Cracked over my legs And Mom’s shrill tones Yelling, accusing. Frantic, I fall out of bed still shaking and sweating ice from being locked up Alone, last night in
bookmark_terry · 2466 days ago

  I am a feminist, to me,woman = feminist. Feminism means different things to people. For me,it just means respecting women as much as men and thus giving women the same rights and opportunities as men. There are some women out there giving the wrong id
Elle · 2480 days ago

There are images I lean on as if they were a cane when life and schedules seek to untether me from the essence of who I am.   In those moments I seek refuge in a nearly meditative state—while there, my mind draws from an invisible well of haphazardly place
Elin · 2527 days ago

Let's talk about sex, baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be   Remember that song from Salt 'n' Pepa? OK, so I'm one of those people who can't hear one thing without relating it to a song. It
Elle · 2624 days ago

In my early 30's, I remember reading Circle of Stones, a book about women and rites of passage and ritual.  It discusses even celebrating a young woman's first period... with flowers and a special lunch... and a tribute to a father taking out his young dau
Robbie · 2625 days ago

  Being on the Verge means listening to my soul. Not only listening to it – really, really hearing it and letting it sing out loud. Releasing it from it's bounds – so it can ring true – even if it can't carry a tune, let it belt out a song with the enthu
AnaLewis · 2652 days ago

    dreaming of true sisterhood women sharing talk about it to those who care women on the verge   no reason to feel alone hands reach out oceans apart sisters of the heart women on the verge   listen closely and you will hear kindness support laughter a
AnaLewis · 2666 days ago

  Lately one of my favorite mottoes has been, “Be the person you want to become - now.” A lot times lately, when I am doing something, I stop and think, is this the person I imagine myself being in one, five, ten years from now? If not, time to step bac
AnaLewis · 2697 days ago

I have been listening to the words spoken to me and others throughout my life. I am both blessed and cursed with the ability to remember clearly the way things happened or were. Many times I have wished to forget a particular incident, yet no matter how
Marta · 2700 days ago

  The last couple of weeks have been full of numerous personal issues. I have nursed my furbaby Chrome through a bad bout of colic, my dear friend and neighbor Bev, who is 85 underwent spinal surgery, my cousin passed away and I comforted my dear aunt Pam.
Marta · 2712 days ago

  On July 5, 2011, many people, including myself, were shocked to hear the words “Not Guilty” resonate in an Orlando courtroom at the Casey Anthony murder trial. Despite our need or desire to put the puzzle together, we will never know what really happene
bookmark_terry · 2720 days ago
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