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My kids have been in some form of counseling for the last two years. Bless their hearts, losing their dad, moving "back home" and going back to public school has been a lot. That doesn't include the fact we had little stability while my husband was alive (
granolagirl · 1480 days ago

One word? Yes, just one word. Come on, we all know it, only some of us really struggle with that one little word. Have you guessed yet? That little pesky word, no. So short, yet so troublesome. OK, so I'm not very good at saying no. I have had to practice,
Elle · 1783 days ago

Private life, public life, striking the balance? Simply your life week. Well, this is what I've been doing for a while. I think. OK, OK, I'm still working on it. It's not easy, but I'm trying. Trouble is there's always too much to do, and it's hard to let
Elle · 1785 days ago

I believe that we can learn the best lessons from our pets.  In fact, I call our dog, Cousteau's philosophy, The Zen of Cousteau for a good reason, he's the mellowest dude on the planet.  Here are tips from Cousteau on how to stay cool in the summer.: Tak
AnaLewis · 1809 days ago

During the cold, dreary winter months, I keep depression away by planning every detail of my family’s summer adventures. From our annual family reunion/ beach week, romantic weekend getaways, writer’s retreats, daytrips to amusement parks and motorcycle ru
doreenb8 · 1811 days ago

Sometimes kindness can be the last straw   I was going to write quite a lengthy post and I ran out of time, or rather it turned to be more difficult to write than I anticipated. Kindness, the last straw? Perhaps you will recognise this feeling, when it all
Elle · 2114 days ago

Our interview is a blog talk radio feature today! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefirstbornsonshow/2012/08/25/marriage-divorce-step-parents-and-blended-families
Michele · 2125 days ago

As many of you know my oldest sister is near death. She has bowel and colon cancer and was taken off her nutrients a little over fifty days ago. The nutrients were feeding her cancer and not her. Since then she has had nothing but fluids through a tube, sh
Marta · 2231 days ago

Being a mom means wearing so many different hats sometimes in the space of an hour. Being a work at home, homeschooling mom ads a few more hats but to me is so worth it. Now I have to add a hat to my collection. Recently my husband passed away unexpectedly
granolagirl · 2299 days ago

  Sisterhood. When one doesn't have a sister, yet yearns for one, it seems like such a vast word. But, in all honesty, it was the conceptual word behind the beginnings of Women on the Verge. It is the root. The core. The foundation. And ultimately,
AnaLewis · 2305 days ago

2012 is the year of changes for myelf and my family. We are transitioning to my working at home. We are getting used to having no vehicle (soon to be remedied). Everyday we are making small changes to make our lives more sustainable. One of the most impres
granolagirl · 2322 days ago

While we are developing our homestead and the Sustainable Education Initiative I have gone back to freelance writing. There is something challenging about writing SEO. I guess it's my inner geek that is facsinated with how to play with words. But I love my
granolagirl · 2350 days ago

My goodness this year is already flying by and lots of changes coming along. I am back to working from home full time as of Monday, January 9th. No please don't be sad or upset this was a good change. It has opened up the world for me once again. I loved m
granolagirl · 2352 days ago

Good morning and Happy New Year Ladies! The sun is shining through my bedroom windows this morning as I sit at my husband's PC. The kids are still all in bed, well the girls were up took care of the animals and went back to bed. Staying up to ring in the n
granolagirl · 2365 days ago

I want to wish each and every one of you a very blessed holiday. Ours is very special this year, we welcome my step daughter back into our family. She is arriving this afternoon not just to spend the holiday with us but to stay. I am taking a short break f
granolagirl · 2374 days ago

Back when I was first making the decision to quit practicing law and do, well, anything other than work in a law firm, I spent A LOT of time agonizing over what my "purpose" was. "If money was no object, what would you do?" I remember being asked, "what's
Hegemommy · 2378 days ago

Just in time for the holidays! The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting - Essential Tips on: Communicating & Bonding; Combining Families; and More! This book is a great stocking stuffer for those considering marriage to someone with children or those that are alrea
Michele · 2399 days ago

November is traditionally the month of being thankful, and this month's topic asks us to explore the idea of giving and receiving, especially in the context of being thankful. And let me just say I tried. I really, really tried. But it's been a long year.
Hegemommy · 2414 days ago

To me sex is linked to love. I wouldn't engage in sex without love and a strong connection. Everybody is free to do what they want as long as they're not hurting anybody, that's my personal choice. Two people are in love, they're kissing. What's wrong with
Elle · 2441 days ago

Last week Rihanna was told to cover up by the farmer in which field she was filming her latest clip. At first I hadn't heard the whole story but then found out she was actually topless. As far as I'm concerned she can take the lot off if she so desires. Co
Elle · 2455 days ago

Yesterday I made tomato soup from scratch. The fact that I made soup is unremarkable because I make soup all the time, and being that it is September and tomatoes are in full swing, me making tomato soup should be no big deal. But without even realizing
Hegemommy · 2473 days ago
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