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  At the age of 61, I’m on the verge of a new career as a novelist. Why did it take me decades to get to the “place” where I could write for publication? Though I reached adulthood during the second wave of feminism—the "Women's Liberation" movement of t
Linda_CL · 2454 days ago

In a lawless area of Mexico where police officers frequently quit because of low pay and high risks, where police chiefs and mayors are regularly murdered, and where drug cartels seem to be in control, one town's solution to these problems is more remarkab
IntheHeartland · 2765 days ago

  Some women never give up. Take Diana Nyad for example. Nyad, born August 22, 1949 in New York City, is attempting to complete a long-distance swim she attempted more than 30 years ago. Sometime this summer Nyad wants to make the 103-mile swim from Cuba
IntheHeartland · 2821 days ago

    During the June Mothers on the Verge show, I asked WOTV member, Kadi Prescott about a vision board that she showcased during one of her tweets. She talked about how she got the idea from the book, The Secret and as I had already read the
AnaLewis · 2860 days ago

One of the problems I have had through the years in achieving goals, is brain clutter. I think that I am not alone. How do we get rid of the brain clutter and focus in order to reach the goals that are truly important to us? I read a recent article abou
AnaLewis · 2863 days ago

I found this post from a year and a half ago on my blog and thought I would share it here, since it still feels relevant and close to my heart. _____ So many times recently I have sat down to write, only to get my mind moving in a hundred different direc
AnaLewis · 2979 days ago

Did you hear about Tererai Trent, the woman who grew up in Zimbabwe, who was on Oprah last week?       She lived without running water and electricity and had no hope for her future. In hope of breaking the cycle of poverty, Tererai's mo
AnaLewis · 3139 days ago