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I believe that we can learn the best lessons from our pets.  In fact, I call our dog, Cousteau's philosophy, The Zen of Cousteau for a good reason, he's the mellowest dude on the planet.  Here are tips from Cousteau on how to stay cool in the summer.: Tak
AnaLewis · 1808 days ago

I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.”The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!”It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.”This year I discovered how important other wom
IntheHeartland · 2359 days ago

Sugano Hoso has undertaken a project of heart-throbbing proportions. She is providing shelter, food, and love to hundreds of dogs and cats abandoned in the evacuated area around Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi’s nuclear power plant. Sugano appears far too busy
IntheHeartland · 2593 days ago

After getting my FlipCam, I have been having some fun making videos of both clients and personal moments. The client Vlogs I have been sharing every month, howver, unless you follow me on Facebook, you have probably not seen my personal vlog posts, so I t
AnaLewis · 2734 days ago

    Like any good mother, Starline Nunley wanted to do something for her son. Her son is U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Parker Frawley. When asked what she could do for him, Frawley's response was that he and the other men and women he served with in th
IntheHeartland · 2790 days ago

Welcome to our first Vlog! I thought I would take you on a little mini-tour of the office and my commute. No visit to the Co-Op Web office would be complete without an introduction to Cousteau, the most fabulous Newfie in the land.Please click on Couste
AnaLewis · 2884 days ago