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Tags - disability

Living in an able-bodied worldAnd I am a disable-bodied girlYou know that we are living in an able-bodied world And I am a disabled-bodied girl(modified lyrics to Madonna's Material Girl)       Most of us understand and accept that the world is an impe
IntheHeartland · 2156 days ago

Business owners take note. Discretionary spending to the tune of $175 billion is at stake. People with disabilities enjoy going out and socializing with their friends and family… and they spend money. If they cannot enter your establishment without
AnnPietrangelo · 2247 days ago

"If you’re going to use a cane, use a CANE!" I heeded that advice and never regretted it. I was in my early 40s and my multiple sclerosis was as yet undiagnosed, but walking was becoming a problem, especially in public settings. My awkward gait and l
AnnPietrangelo · 2373 days ago