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  Thank you for allowing me good housing, warmth, ample food, healthcare and good health.   Thank you for my eyes and having the ability to see without them. Thank you for my ears and not needing them to hear.   Thank you for the gift of intuition, compass
bookmark_terry · 2363 days ago

  Civil disobedience is on the rise. This can be a good thing, as is the case in Israel this summer. Israeli women are risking criminal prosecution by going to the beach. They are taking Palestinian women along to protest decades of dehumanization. Read th
IntheHeartland · 2508 days ago

  Would you consider writing if your only goal was to place the finished work in a drawer when the writing is complete? A chiropractor friend recently lamented, “No matter how good I am at being a chiropractor, I still need to market my services.” I w
Karen-Monroy · 2579 days ago

Becca Stevens has created Thistle Farms, a natural bath and body products business, to benefit the women who make the products. Becca, an Episcopal priest, established the company to improve the lives of women whose lives have been touched by violence, add
IntheHeartland · 2614 days ago

Magda Sayeg has changed the worlds of graffiti and knitting with a women’s sensibility. The Austin mother of three is credited with starting yearn bombing aka knit graffiti. She has covered everything from a door knob to a city bus. Read her full story on
IntheHeartland · 2636 days ago

I feel absolutely naked.   Metaphorically, of course.   My book is launching today. I'm excited and terrified at the same time.   You've been here too, right?    I'm putting my piece of art on display. What if the response
WanderWoman · 2930 days ago

    The time has come as with all things to move on. In this particular case I want to use the next few posts to examine the utility of Facebook for writers. To be honest I spend little time on Facebook. Instead, I am more occupied with Twitter
IntheHeartland · 2948 days ago

    Having lived most of my life along the coast - Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf - I am particularly concerned about the devastation that the Louisiana coastal region is facing since BP's Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank in April. That is why
IntheHeartland · 2966 days ago

What has become a win-win situation between web design firms and businesses is being exercised in the latest redesign of the Acacia / Marketplace/ Tohono Chul Tea Room website(s). A situation of mutual respect for the design firm, Co-Op Web, the business,
AnaLewis · 3020 days ago

Friday, January 1, 2010 Blind Self Portraits & Other Fun Drawing Exercises This is a liberating creative exercise that allows you to escape the confines of the expected and move beyond judgment. Judgment stifles creative energy; allowing yourself
blackdogworld · 3040 days ago

As a designer, I find it fun and inspirational to work on my clients' websites. I get excited by the possibilities, sometimes to the point of scaring them into hiding their coffee pots and other things that might add to my already high energy level. The
AnaLewis · 3062 days ago