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  On The Verge— I don’t know what life is like NOT being on the verge. On the verge is my home. Comfortably uncomfortable. I can’t say at what point I realized that anything worthwhile would require me being on the verge. On the verge of crazy, on the ver
Karen-Monroy · 2480 days ago

  Women on the Verge is a wonderful community of women, not afraid to speak their minds, coming from all walks of life and spread over the world. All wonderful women with stories to tell, experiences to share and most of all very supportive of each other.
Elle · 2585 days ago

Hi everybody! It's been a while and I really miss the community. I hope everybody is well. I'm slowly getting better and have been writing like a woman possessed. Unfortunately, coupled with homeschooling my children and promotion related to the Dear On
Elle · 2790 days ago

    Is immigration a women's issue? You bet! The definition of the word immigration is innocuous. Immigration, as defined at dictionary.com, is the act of immigrating. The word feels static, but the action of immigration affects the dynamics o
IntheHeartland · 2833 days ago

Women on the Verge (WOTV) is one year old. I say that one line and I am somewhat blown away. Not by how fast time flies, or that it seems like it was only yesterday. But, how, like when you have a baby – it seems like she was always here. What w
AnaLewis · 2838 days ago

Women on the Verge VLog Member - Marcia Reynolds  Her mission, her focus and her belief in community Check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/womenontheverge  
AnaLewis · 2857 days ago

Ana Gonzales Lewis (right) and her daughter Joli   Children's stories often have magical folk. Sometimes they offer the heroine three wishes. I've often thought about how best I'd use those wishes. As a wise woman I knew that my first wish would be
IntheHeartland · 2862 days ago

    The time has come as with all things to move on. In this particular case I want to use the next few posts to examine the utility of Facebook for writers. To be honest I spend little time on Facebook. Instead, I am more occupied with Twitter
IntheHeartland · 2948 days ago

Some people might have wanted me to have my head examined when I started an online community with Women on the Verge (WOTV).  But, I HAD to do it.  It represented too many things that I believe in - Women, Community, the Internet and Free. I
AnaLewis · 3035 days ago

Gadabout SalonSpas has selected Youth on Their Own, a Tucson based non-profit organization, to benefit from the Tucson tradition of Rodeo. For the three days that Tucson celebrates the Rodeo, and students are given a vacation from school, our staff is
Megan · 3042 days ago