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A few months ago I read this quote, “Just when things look like they are falling apart, they may actually be falling together. During stormy times we sometimes feel like we are losing everything. Maybe this stormy time is waking us to something better.” I
Marta · 2156 days ago

Q. Are you a "quiet" or an "angry" woman?Ana Lewis, founder of WomenontheVerge.net, is troubled by these descriptors. Ana feels both give women a "bad rap."Ohio State University professor Nan Johnson wrote in the journal Philosophy and Rhetoric that in the
IntheHeartland · 2728 days ago

Looking in my closet as a long-time vegetarian, I had a sad realization. I am a cave-woman. I have leather boots and shoes, a down comforter, wool coat, angora sweater, leather purses, even some leather hats... and that's just the beginning. What is w
AnaLewis · 2812 days ago

    Nirupama Pathak was a smart young woman. Her parents, who live in a remote mining region of India, were obviously proud of their daughter. They paid for her to go to graduate school in New Delhi, India's capital city. Ms. Pathak studied jou
IntheHeartland · 2896 days ago