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I see the odd look, I hear the odd whisper. What is it to you?  It's not your hair. Why do you care? Cut it to conform? Conform to what? To appease your pre-conceived ideas. I don't think so. There was a time when I would have cared. I might have had doubt
Elle · 1319 days ago

My first memories of poetry were from A Child’s Garden of Verse by Robert Louis Stevenson, the same author who wrote the beloved classic Treasure Island A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young, Now We Are Six, and the Winnie the Pooh stories. These beloved ve
Marta · 1849 days ago

I did a three part series called Help Change the World. It can be found here. I wanted to share my thoughts of how all of us can help to change the world one child at a time. I also want to share this from my recent newsletter: We all want something out of
Michele · 1871 days ago

  Figures show that up to a third of sixth-form girls had been touched inappropriately by boys in their school. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9676600/Explicit-web-pornography-behind-surge-in-schoolgirl-sex-abuse.html And the case of the wo
Elle · 1920 days ago

For the last few weeks I have struggled watching or reading the news. This scandal is brewing and raging on, one of the worst, if not the worst, Britain has known. Where will it end? Who knows, with talk of several other celebrities and politicians involve
Elle · 1928 days ago

During the next three days, until 11:59pm on September 4th, 2012. Wee Three: A Child's World, kindle edition is free. I hope you will take advantage of this offer, and delve into the innocent pleasures of your childhood.   Share with a friend, child or gra
Marta · 1995 days ago

I am up way too late tonight.  Despite the stars, the absent moon, the warmth of a day spent quiet with my love, I can not sleep.  I lost a son today.  I sent him away.  Recover.  Take control.  Stop drinking.  Or do nothing.  Change not at all, but leave
destinyallison · 2043 days ago

2012 is the year of changes for myelf and my family. We are transitioning to my working at home. We are getting used to having no vehicle (soon to be remedied). Everyday we are making small changes to make our lives more sustainable. One of the most impres
granolagirl · 2197 days ago

I saw a puddle it was fine, A splash or two will make it mine. I’ll leap I’ll jump I’ll make it spray, Splatter and spurt will make fine play. Copyrighted January 28, 2012 It matters not I’m sopping wet, Though I don’t know why they’re upset.
Marta · 2213 days ago

Angela Addington is a database geek. It comes in handy as she matches a storehouse of toys with deserving children. She’s the founder of Hannah's Treasure Chest, a charitable organization that collects gentle-used items then channels them through community
IntheHeartland · 2272 days ago

Just in time for the holidays! The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting - Essential Tips on: Communicating & Bonding; Combining Families; and More! This book is a great stocking stuffer for those considering marriage to someone with children or those that are alrea
Michele · 2274 days ago

Erin Curtiss is a midwife in Seattle. Haiti has a desperate for midwives. Women in Haiti are fifty times more likely to die during childbirth than women in America. Erin volunteered to go to Haiti to lend a hand. She was unprepared for what she discovered.
IntheHeartland · 2288 days ago

To me sex is linked to love. I wouldn't engage in sex without love and a strong connection. Everybody is free to do what they want as long as they're not hurting anybody, that's my personal choice. Two people are in love, they're kissing. What's wrong with
Elle · 2316 days ago

I grew up in a funny way. Nudity was not something to seen or shared. My mother was very prim and proper, although I did discover another side to her after her death. I got conflicting messages all throughout my childhood. We spent a lot of time in France
Elle · 2329 days ago

Last week Rihanna was told to cover up by the farmer in which field she was filming her latest clip. At first I hadn't heard the whole story but then found out she was actually topless. As far as I'm concerned she can take the lot off if she so desires. Co
Elle · 2331 days ago

Karen Loucks Rinedollar demonstrates how a person’s desire to do something on a small scale can have much larger implications. Her simple idea has grown to a nationwide nonprofit that makes comforters for ailing children. Read her story on my Living in the
IntheHeartland · 2391 days ago

Small things, little things...   What are you grateful for? Tonight as I write this, I'm grateful that tomorrow I don't have to rush anywhere. I'm awfully tired and life has been rather frantic for the last few weeks.   So much to do, too much to do. Writ
Elle · 2408 days ago

  At 93 Therrell Camille Smith keeps everyone on their toes. She’s still teaching ballet in a school she established 60 plus years ago in her hometown of Washington D.C. Read more about this amazing woman on my blog Living in the Heartland.
IntheHeartland · 2411 days ago


It was a good day today.  I have been fighting with a bit of depression but it could just be a touch of flu.  I'm not sure. I have been so exhausted. I hoped to write more about May's topic before now but the words have not been flowing.  In fact, I've bee
bookmark_terry · 2456 days ago

It has been said that being unable to read & write is like being chained to poverty. What is scary is the number of people across our world who are living in chains. The figure goes into the billions. Yet behind every "statistic" is a real person. A re
Jossy · 2461 days ago
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