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I see the odd look, I hear the odd whisper. What is it to you?  It's not your hair. Why do you care? Cut it to conform? Conform to what? To appease your pre-conceived ideas. I don't think so. There was a time when I would have cared. I might have had doubt
Elle · 1411 days ago

I recently finished Adventures in Mother-Sitting, by Doreen Cox. It left me astonished by the level of its intensity and how much it helped me to see my life as a caretaker and to learn to grow past that, taking the joy and memories with me, but learning a
Marta · 1689 days ago

Dear Women on the Verge Community, For those of you I have had the honor to come to know, you are aware that the bulk of my work is dedicated to teen relationship awareness with an emphasis on preventing relationship abuse. This year I have been really str
Elin · 1904 days ago

When the stress got too much And the burden too great A dream I created To help me through life The black hole was too deep To my soul it did go For myself I had lost Clinging tightly to life http://www.martamoranbishop.com/10/post/2012/12/the-car
Marta · 1985 days ago

During one of my many sessions with Women on the Verge (WOTV) member, Judy Kinney, I complained that I felt burned out and like I had no time. She nudged me with her gentle voice and said, “You know, that no opens up your yeses, right?” I stopped to thin
AnaLewis · 1988 days ago

Despite life obstacles that make Mt. Everest look like a speed bump, I found my way and continue to use a checks-and-balances approach to life. Even with the focus that takes, which I slip up on sometimes, I seem to have fashioned a career of sorts for
bookmark_terry · 2194 days ago

2012 is the year of changes for myelf and my family. We are transitioning to my working at home. We are getting used to having no vehicle (soon to be remedied). Everyday we are making small changes to make our lives more sustainable. One of the most impres
granolagirl · 2289 days ago

I didn’t even know, My little hitchhiker, I never caught his name, Over highways we flew. I was all warm inside, He took his ride outside, Holding on for dear life, To the trunk of my car. http://weethreenews.blogspot.com/2011/11/hitchhi
Marta · 2372 days ago

Life is tough for women in Afghanistan. The lack of childcare may seem like a trivial matter until you consider the need of one mother. Without child care options she has to fly dangerous supply missions to remote areas and disaster zones in a military hel
IntheHeartland · 2421 days ago

Lynn Doyle, a talk show host for Comcast is doing a show for the 91st anniversary of ‘Women’s Equality Day.’ She has posed the question, “Does a woman’s choice to marry and motherhood limit her chances to be equal?” I have been pondering this question fo
doreenb8 · 2458 days ago

I have been listening to the words spoken to me and others throughout my life. I am both blessed and cursed with the ability to remember clearly the way things happened or were. Many times I have wished to forget a particular incident, yet no matter how
Marta · 2488 days ago

Barbie’s been a model citizen since 1959. My beef isn’t so much with Barbie as the culture she represents. I’m not tickled pink about gendered merchandising to little girls. Pink and dolls like Barbie have been used to limit girls’ horizons. Pink should be
IntheHeartland · 2595 days ago

Think your 24-hr, 365-day a year job as nurse-maid to your family is tough? How’d you like it if those you cared for would avoid taking your advice and could have you court-martialed? What if you were aware everyday that murder was a distinct possibility?W
IntheHeartland · 2673 days ago

    On my 2010 short list of women who should be in Santa's "nice column are Rachael Chong, a professional financier who founded a non-profit to link professionals with non-profit organizations that would benefit from skilled volunteer support,
IntheHeartland · 2720 days ago

Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria served as President of Chile from March 11, 2006-March 11, 2010. She became the first woman president in Chile's history. President Bachelet won the 2006 election in a runoff, beating her opponent with 53.5% of the v
IntheHeartland · 2748 days ago

When they say: You're never too old, here's proof they really mean it! Sally Gordon was recently honored as the female exemplar of Outstanding Oldest Worker 2010. Sally is 101! The daughter of Russian immigrants, Sally is one of Nebraska's treasures. She b
IntheHeartland · 2786 days ago

Last month, I received an email from PETA asking if I would be willing to participate in their 30 Day Vegan challenge. Since I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, and have been thinking about going "all the way" and becoming vegan, I looked at this as an
AnaLewis · 2847 days ago

My wardrobe was in need of a spring/summer refresher and there, on my online shopping screen was the most divine night gown I have ever seen. Spaghetti straps, body draping, soft, natural fibers and sexy as a whisper. I had to have it. It came to my doo
AnaLewis · 2918 days ago

You've probably heard of alchemy, which is the ancient practice of trying to change metals such as lead into gold. You might have also read Paolo Coelho's 1988 bestseller "The Alchemist," which described a more spiritual form of alchemy - transforming one'
DrDeb · 2937 days ago

We've known for decades that one way to build personal and professional relationships is through giving feedback. Not empty compliments about someone's shoes or hair, but meaningful feedback about someone's contributions to a relationship, a household, an
DrDeb · 2959 days ago

Join us for a TWITTER PARTY! No need to leave home for this party! Sign up and join us on Twitter...we will be talking skin care, busting skin care myths, answering your skin care questions, helping you get "spring" ready with all your home care products,
Megan · 2964 days ago
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