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Women’s abilities are always being called into question. Take Rick Santorum's poke at women being too emotion for duty at the front lines of combat situations. A select corps of women is fighting back. Read the story of one American and two Afghani teenage
IntheHeartland · 2298 days ago

PLUS Model Magazine, according to an article by Tamara Abraham for the United Kingdom-based online blog Daily Mail, has sparked controversy. See if you can guess what the controversy is from the accompanying photograph. Then check out my Living in the Hear
IntheHeartland · 2351 days ago

As a young teenager Lateefah seemed to be going nowhere. She dropped out of school and was on probation for shoplifting. Then someone offered her a different path. She changed directions and at 19 she took over a women's center helped women and girls find
IntheHeartland · 2353 days ago

I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.”The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!”It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.”This year I discovered how important other wom
IntheHeartland · 2361 days ago

In order to break the cycle of girls growing into women who see their worth in terms of image, we need to talk to them about what really makes them beautiful. Read more about author Lisa Bloom’s advice to women about talking to girls on my Living in the He
IntheHeartland · 2386 days ago

Erin Curtiss is a midwife in Seattle. Haiti has a desperate for midwives. Women in Haiti are fifty times more likely to die during childbirth than women in America. Erin volunteered to go to Haiti to lend a hand. She was unprepared for what she discovered.
IntheHeartland · 2414 days ago

It's pink ribbon time again. That time of year when we're bombarded with all things pink to bring attention to breast cancer, it's causes, treatment, and funding for research.   There's a lot of talk about "boobies" and "ta-tas," but there's a whole lot mo
AnnPietrangelo · 2452 days ago

  Civil disobedience is on the rise. This can be a good thing, as is the case in Israel this summer. Israeli women are risking criminal prosecution by going to the beach. They are taking Palestinian women along to protest decades of dehumanization. Read th
IntheHeartland · 2509 days ago

  Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel doesn’t want to drive men mad. She does, however, want to be able to drive a car. No Saudi Arabia woman has the legal right to drive a car. Princess Ammerah is a vocal proponent of women’s rights. Saudi women’s rights are sever
IntheHeartland · 2531 days ago

Many young girls dream of owning or just riding horses. But those who dare to become a professional jockey have lots of hard work ahead of them. Rosie Napravnik, 23 finished ninth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby in May. She became the highest-finishing female r
IntheHeartland · 2573 days ago

Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the summer vacation season in America. This weekend, when millions of Americans take to the road, seems like a particularly appropriate time to recognize Grete Waitz, the Norwegian-born woman who died of cancer
IntheHeartland · 2583 days ago

U.S. women talking to Afghan women is an idea far too long in coming. U.S. Marines are undertaking an experiment in Afghanistan. They are embracing the power of women’s work. A few women have been added to duty on the front lines. Read more about this on m
IntheHeartland · 2588 days ago

Who hasn’t had a moment when they felt like yelling? What if you couldn’t? What if you weren’t able to say anything?Those among us who are able-bodied often take our abilities for granted. Jan Christian hasn’t taken the power of her voice for granted for a
IntheHeartland · 2600 days ago

Who says girls aren’t good in math and science? Jean Bartik was a brain-ENIAC. She was one of six unsung heroines who helped lead the world into the computer age. There weren’t many career options available to this woman who was born in 1927. Jean was obv
IntheHeartland · 2608 days ago

Barbie’s been a model citizen since 1959. My beef isn’t so much with Barbie as the culture she represents. I’m not tickled pink about gendered merchandising to little girls. Pink and dolls like Barbie have been used to limit girls’ horizons. Pink should be
IntheHeartland · 2629 days ago

When it comes to personal development, both positive and negative emotions play a role your success. You probably have a desire to feel something more, whether it is more passion, contentment, joy, pride, or the peace of mind that comes with better underst
WanderWoman · 2731 days ago

I had the opportunity to sit at the feet of the teacher and author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz and his incredibly wise son, don Jose, at the Conversations Among Masters conference for coaches last week. I have pages of notes that I feel I can r
WanderWoman · 2938 days ago

  I am working with two professional organizations on a similar problem-the leaders do not feel the local chapters represent the image and message of the parent organization.   The problem is that in the last three years, as their members scra
WanderWoman · 2980 days ago

  Changing your life is all about emotions-acting on them, giving in to them, being sabotaged by them, or being driven to success.   When you want to make a change in your life, you usually want to feel something different than what you are fe
WanderWoman · 3015 days ago

As a child, I kept quiet, I was frightened, didn't know who to trust, felt ashamed and also far too proud. I've learned that the more you open up to other people,the more they' ll open up to you.The more you talk about abuse, the more awareness is raised.
Elle · 3030 days ago

How often do you say, "What an idiot?"   I was first in line to go through the security station at my gate in the airport in Amsterdam. Before I could get to the conveyor belt, an airline employee took my passport and told me to go to one of the tab
WanderWoman · 3030 days ago
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