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I think I’ve been afraid, ever since the pink house, where the fear would creep in filling the rooms with a brooding silence. A dark mist smothering you, filling your bones with fear. Always, the question would the badness break free and the belt come out,
Marta · 1835 days ago

I lie upon the floorBlood dripping from your latest blowsCurled in a ball, crying silentlyHeart and soul trampled once moreBlack hole inside of me Lost, confused and alone Can't walk, stand nor move Except for retching, sobbing Wish for nothingness now So
Marta · 2044 days ago

  Figures show that up to a third of sixth-form girls had been touched inappropriately by boys in their school. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9676600/Explicit-web-pornography-behind-surge-in-schoolgirl-sex-abuse.html And the case of the wo
Elle · 2046 days ago

For the last few weeks I have struggled watching or reading the news. This scandal is brewing and raging on, one of the worst, if not the worst, Britain has known. Where will it end? Who knows, with talk of several other celebrities and politicians involve
Elle · 2054 days ago

Fade to grey No one sees No one knows Would they even care? What am I doing? It hurts but I feel relief Nobody sees the pain inside of me Nobody wants to know Not really I disappear in front of their eyes But they’re too blind to notice Or perhaps th
Elle · 2076 days ago

Sometimes kindness can be the last straw   I was going to write quite a lengthy post and I ran out of time, or rather it turned to be more difficult to write than I anticipated. Kindness, the last straw? Perhaps you will recognise this feeling, when it all
Elle · 2115 days ago

They say you can judge a person by the way they treat animals... I would agree with that. I'm reminded how much I wanted a pet when I was a child. My mother had a no fur, no feather policy. My father had a dog before he met her, being non-grata in our hous
Elle · 2133 days ago

This is the last time I will tell this story.   I need my mother’s love.   I knew this all of my life and It is still true today.   I need my mother’s love.   She was beautiful and I would have told her so if I wasn’t so afraid she’d hit me.   I need my mo
bookmark_terry · 2239 days ago

  Slashing became a part of my life at 21. Shocking behavior, some might think, but not so to me. I'd been two decades in a severely-dysfunctional family and I could only guess at what healthy was. Cutting and hurting myself gave me a strange sense of elat
bookmark_terry · 2246 days ago

All names are changed to protect the guilty.  This was a second gang rape.   Dear Tom,   I’m sure you remember me. We both lived in the same town at one time and you and I were in the same grade school. You know my family. You remember me.   But, of
bookmark_terry · 2246 days ago

A year ago I wrote a story on my use of anti-depressant drugs and my experiences in the mental health system.   My subsequent choice against anti-depressants has led me into a different arena–the criminal justice system.   Last February, I made several pol
bookmark_terry · 2249 days ago

  If only I had known How tough it would be to be jump-started daily by a vacuum cleaner hose Cracked over my legs And Mom’s shrill tones Yelling, accusing. Frantic, I fall out of bed still shaking and sweating ice from being locked up Alone, last night in
bookmark_terry · 2288 days ago

Every year, the same question, an accusation for some. "Do we really need Women's Day?" Of course, we do. And why not?   So, I've been away and I've been quiet. My friends know why, no need to go back on that. I am extremely tired and concentrating on my
Elle · 2303 days ago

The last three and a half years I have spent working in a call center for the local utility company. It has been three and a half years of emotional, verbal, and mental abuse, to put it mildly. No one should be forced to allow people to verbally abuse them
Marta · 2324 days ago

What is freedom? and what do you do with it? We can all be free, even when we don't think we can. It's a state of mind. "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." This is one of my favourite quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre. I know, you'll tell me it
Elle · 2335 days ago

Read in the Guardian Not the way to free women from their abusers! News Society Domestic violence Cuts force domestic violence refuges to turn victims away Charities say funding cuts mean it is increasingly difficult to find beds for vulnerab
Elle · 2336 days ago

I overheard a woman say, “Girls can be SO catty.”The woman she was talking to responded, “They ARE, aren’t they!”It was a lesson my mother taught me. Her point was: “Don’t trust girls, they’re out to hurt you.”This year I discovered how important other wom
IntheHeartland · 2361 days ago

Mary Anne Angel might be described as the little mouse that roars. Her outward demeanor is neither loud nor forceful. However, her strength, unbounded energy to do good deeds, her concern for humanity, and readiness to extend the warmth of friendship is wh
IntheHeartland · 2435 days ago

Anyone who has been afflicted with breast cancer, do not read this post, because I will most assuredly piss you off. To read the rest of this blog, go to www.annamanning.wordpress.com  
Anna · 2444 days ago

Let's talk about sex, baby Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be   Remember that song from Salt 'n' Pepa? OK, so I'm one of those people who can't hear one thing without relating it to a song. It
Elle · 2446 days ago

I grew up in a funny way. Nudity was not something to seen or shared. My mother was very prim and proper, although I did discover another side to her after her death. I got conflicting messages all throughout my childhood. We spent a lot of time in France
Elle · 2455 days ago
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