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  The day we met, class was starting and I faced you, sat opposite you in circle. You were not shy about showing people, you said. Still, you weren’t speaking to me and I had not ventured out into the world since my brother died. I was shy, nervous, my bal
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  Last year I was fighting for my life. This year I'm celebrating life by walking to raise funds for the National MS Society.   You see, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2004. My husband and I participated in our first Walk MS that year, an
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Anyone who has been afflicted with breast cancer, do not read this post, because I will most assuredly piss you off. To read the rest of this blog, go to www.annamanning.wordpress.com  
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It's pink ribbon time again. That time of year when we're bombarded with all things pink to bring attention to breast cancer, it's causes, treatment, and funding for research.   There's a lot of talk about "boobies" and "ta-tas," but there's a whole lot mo
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"Are you going to write a follow-up book about your experiences with triple-negative breast cancer?" A freelance writer asked me that question during an interview about my book, No More Secs! Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis. She wa
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Anita Woodley, a journalist and radio producer, channels her younger self, her mother and grandmother in a one-woman play she has written to tell a powerful story about women’s leadership. It is an earnest story about sickness and healing, aging, love, and
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Triple-negative breast cancer. I never heard that phrase until my October diagnosis. Triple-negative represents only about 10 to 20 percent of breast cancers, and information and support for this particular type of breast cancer seems harder to come by
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It’s a safe place. A circle where women can come to release buried emotions. Where they find comfort in the arms of others. What is this magical place? It’s the Nobel Circle Project. Eight breast cancer survivors established a retreat to provide a supporti
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    On my 2010 short list of women who should be in Santa's "nice column are Rachael Chong, a professional financier who founded a non-profit to link professionals with non-profit organizations that would benefit from skilled volunteer support,
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