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  At the age of 61, I’m on the verge of a new career as a novelist. Why did it take me decades to get to the “place” where I could write for publication? Though I reached adulthood during the second wave of feminism—the "Women's Liberation" movement of t
Linda_CL · 2487 days ago

  OK, I love Facebook. Only idiots don't change their minds.     Say what? I hear you scream. All my friends laughed, my editor smiled. I resisted going on Facebook, and now I'm loving it. After just one day. Truth is I struggled with the concept of the
Elle · 2556 days ago

  Uh-oh. Brain Freeze. This is my third post here yet it is as intimidating as the first. How silly of me! Anyway, today I want to recount for you a little incident at the supermarket yesterday. My friend and I were at the cash, crossing fingers and toes t
bookmark_terry · 2616 days ago

A Woman On The Verge?  Me? I'm just thrilled to be here.  So, I'm Terry Gibson and I live in Canada. Yeah.  I'm one of those quiet, shy peeps from the North who tends to apologize a lot. But never about the snow...never about our snow. But, since discoveri
bookmark_terry · 2623 days ago

Once upon a time, a bit more than ten years ago, I put the finishing touches on my "first" novel. It wasn't really my first novel. My very first novel was a really, really bad romance that I would be terribly embarrassed for anyone to read but it taught me
DawnRRivers · 2668 days ago

Announcing HYBRID AMBASSADORS: a blog-ring project of Dialogue2010You met our multinational cultural innovators this spring in a roundtable discussion of hybrid life at expat+HAREM. Now in these interconnected blog posts they share
Thandelike · 2837 days ago

    Naomi sent me a message. She asked: "What I would like to know, is when you are trying to get a paid gig online, how do you find out if it is legitimate? And if they refuse to pay you at some point, what can be done about that. Most of us cannot a
IntheHeartland · 2888 days ago

    The time has come as with all things to move on. In this particular case I want to use the next few posts to examine the utility of Facebook for writers. To be honest I spend little time on Facebook. Instead, I am more occupied with Twitter
IntheHeartland · 2948 days ago

  My friend Leslie (moondustwriter.com) asked her readers earlier in May to write something in 160 characters. She challenged: "What can you do in 160 characters? A story surely not! I have titles longer than 160 characters for goodness sake." Lesli
IntheHeartland · 2964 days ago

Pushby Sapphire Made into the movie, Precious     "I big, I talk, I eats, I cooks, I laugh, watch TV, do what my muver say. But I can see when the picture comes back I don't exist." This is the voice of Precious, a 16 year old girl from H
AnaLewis · 3084 days ago