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Today I began an experiment. I planted two hemp plants in two different pots. One seedling will get tons of love. I put a sign on it that says, “Tell me that I am beautiful and that I will grow up to be a big and healthy hemp plant.” On the other, I said,
AnaLewis · 1658 days ago

I have been listening to the words spoken to me and others throughout my life. I am both blessed and cursed with the ability to remember clearly the way things happened or were. Many times I have wished to forget a particular incident, yet no matter how
Marta · 2403 days ago

I have loved as always being a woman on the verge this month. One of my Twitter friends described me the other day as a writer on the verge, thank you Mark. Loved it, he always makes me smile.   This month again was crammed full of fantastic posts. What an
Elle · 2403 days ago

Words can elate hurt destroy enable encourage discourage justify explain lie hint hide manipulate soothe cheer express invite reject describe ...
Robbie · 2410 days ago

  What makes you happy? I commented on a blog this morning and wanted to share it with you.     A smile, a kind word, a hug, a lazy cuddle with my children in the morning when we don't have to rush anywhere.   Writing makes me happy, all these characters b
Elle · 2410 days ago

There have been two things that were my refuge for most of life. From age 16 my refuge consisted of words and music.  I wrote my first song then, and it was as if I took a trip to that proverbial island, where I could be who I am and not care about anythin
Robbie · 2414 days ago

I spent a very long time not posting in my personal blog, when this month's topic came about, The Power of Words, and I realized, hey!  I have a lot of words inside of me that I would like to share.  What about the things I am doing in yoga (some very cool
AnaLewis · 2414 days ago

  The last couple of weeks have been full of numerous personal issues. I have nursed my furbaby Chrome through a bad bout of colic, my dear friend and neighbor Bev, who is 85 underwent spinal surgery, my cousin passed away and I comforted my dear aunt Pam.
Marta · 2415 days ago

I'm taking a slightly different approach to this month's theme.  First, is a re-print of a blog post from April 2009.  Yeah, the way-back files.  But it's still (in my opinion) a pretty fresh take on the power of language to, well, grant power.  My apologi
Hegemommy · 2416 days ago

  “Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me” Oh how I remember saying this as a child. A child who was lying, because the words did hurt, the words caused a lump in my throat. They caused tears to sting my eyes. I could not wait t
doreenb8 · 2425 days ago

I have been visiting and reading many of the posts on WOTV for a few months now and I am inspired.  I have posted a few comments here and there and tweeted links to great posts.  When the topic for this month was posted, The Power of Words, I knew it was t
hookedonwdw · 2426 days ago

Bubbalicious. Stretched ribbons of sweet words twirled like a Double- Dutch jump rope. Their rhythm is childhood song and simple truth. Learning the art of blowing a perfect bubble,  a delicate balance. A deep breath of promise and just enough air to f
JennyleefromTN · 2428 days ago

  One summer afternoon in Tucson, my CASA girl and I were driving around in Big Ugly, and she was enjoying a little channel surfing on my car's XM radio.  She hooted and cheered when she figured out that if you turn the channel to 5 – you get music of the
AnaLewis · 2431 days ago

Wow, love the new topic. Should prove very interesting. Words, I love them. They don't always come easy. They have so much power. For they can hurt you, cut you deep, very deep, leave scars no-one can see. But they can also heal you. Through words, I have
Elle · 2441 days ago